Record Stores We Know and Love

This is the one here that’s been around since the 70s.



Growing up in California and living up and down the state over the years, there’s of course the legendary Amoeba. Some people may have turned their noses at Ameoba’s expansion from Berkeley to warehouse-sized outlets in the hearts of San Francisco and LA, but it still has an indie heart and is still fun to browse. My favorite in LA in the 80s and 90s was Aron’s, now gone. Rockaway was small but still there. OC had Bionic Records (still there), Black Hole (the place for UK imports) and the miniscule, claustrophobic, but outstanding Noise Noise Noise (long gone). Back up north, The Last Record Store in Santa Rosa has been rebranded The Next Record Store but still has the same location.


Being originally from the Northeast, I have to say that the Princeton Record Exchange is an amazing store!

Princeton Record Exchange » Princeton New Jersey (

They got lots of good musical selections there, both new and used. I bought the Beatles Red Album (1962-1966) there. They also stock DVDs as I bought the Back To the Future Trilogy DVD set.


I remember going to the House of Guitars in Rochester, NY when I was going to college up that way. A warehouse-sized room full of records and CD’s, piled in no order that you could possibly figure out. If you were looking for a specific record you had to ask the staff.

I quite liked Amoeba in L.A. It was a good place to take friends visiting the city.

I grew up outside of Dallas and there was a huuuuuge used place called “Bill’s Records and Tapes” and the owner didn’t put prices on anything. So if you walked up with one thing you’d get crushed. The strategy was to always bring up at least half a dozen LPs and pray he said the one you wanted came up cheap.

He lost that store before I left the state but surprisingly I visited a few years ago and he had opened up a much smaller place but closer to downtown. He said he had multiple shipping containers full of stuff. He has since passed (RIP) but I wonder what happened to all those records. Probably melted in the Texas heat.

Just in intown Atlanta we still have 8 legit record stores and one video rental store. Not sure how we lucked out

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A specific one I go to is called That’s Entertainment in Worcester and Fitchburg. Pop culture shops that’s got it all. Comics, action figures, Funko Pops (if you’re one of those guys), video games, movies, and some board games.

But there’s also a next door record store called Jelly’s in Worcester. A lot of music CDs there.


Been here a few times, not bad. Had to replace one of my purchases, Love Over Gold by Dire Straits, because of the skips on Private Investigations.

It’s in downtown Pomona.


We had THREE music stores in the 5-6 block downtown area in Bloomington, Indiana when I was growing up in the 80s and 90s. There was Karma, which appealed to students and townies with a funky hippy atmosphere. There was Ozarka, which felt like someone tried to copy Karma, but didn’t want to offer prices as low or have quite the riffraff in the door (it was also the first store I ever saw with a security tag system), and then in the CD era, there was the much straighter Streetside Records, which had really good classical, jazz and spoken word sections and had listening stations where you could check out any CD before you bough it.

All gone now, although the town does apparently have a record store again.


Anyone remember Peaches Music & Video?

I saw these commercials run on local television in rural North Carolina back in the 1990s; there were two Peaches stores in Greensboro and Winston-Salem.


This being Portland, we have a bunch of record stores. Here are a couple that I frequent.


Any New Yorkers in this thread? I don’t think anyone’s mentioned the legendary Bleecker Bob’s, sadly gone many years now. I was last there in 2002 (which was also my last time in NYC).

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Oh, yeah! The flagship store here is now a Fresh Market grocery to give you an idea of how big it was. I still have one of their wood record crates. Pretty much everybody who worked there was in a band and I’m guessing there was maybe just a little bit of employee theft


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No no, NEW YORKERS. You know. City people.


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Uh huh. I know what you mean.

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I say this as a former upstater myself :smiley:

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I was in Btown from '87-'91 and that area was nirvana for music shopping (I want to say that Streetside opened six months or so before I left). There was also a place - it was in an upstairs space on Kirkwood - called (I want to say) Roscoe’s. They carried a lot of bootlegs.

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Peaches was awesome. Friends and I used to go to the one on Colerain in Cincinnati, across from Northgate Mall.

I forgot about Roscoe’s. It wasn’t open very long. After Roscoe’s, it was TD’s CDs and LPs. TD was a super music nerd and knew pretty much anything about any album. Sadly, he passed away and that store closed.