Red Dwarf Meets MST3k!

So this is an older video that predates the revival, but I saw Emily is a fan of Red Dwarf, so I thought I’d re-post this for fun! Enjoy, won’t us?


someone dwarf GIF


Oh, that was fun. Cleverly made. Thanks for sharing!


Red dwarf theme song could fit mst3k as well.


Since the writer used nonsense words so the producers could replace them with words that fit the show, the song could fit almost any show.

You could even do a Shatner version of the theme song.

It’s… cold outside
There’s nokindofatmosphere
I’m all… alone


They had an Elvis impersonator do a version of it. It is Shatner-like


I was thinking of that bit when I wrote that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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defo am a fan of both shows…

factoid - both shows have gone on record saying they take some inspiration from Silent Running

there have been times that some of the hosts segments during Mike’s time seem to mirror Red Dwarf bits.
ACTUALLY there is a line about Huế (a city in Vietnam) made in both shows:
Series 7 of Red Dwarf by Kochanski (maybe in Blue) and Mike makes a “joke” about the same city in Future War but in a reference to the Vietnam War(during the film’s endless un-regulated credits).

Which came first? Who referenced who? Jokes about Southeast Asian cities were certainly a dime a dozen in the late 90s, right?

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Actually I found it interesting/funny that Emily posted a story about Red Dwarf, because it had recently crossed my mind that the Netflix era shows reminded me of RD s7 (due to the increased production value, film look, etc) and that in some ways Season 13/Gizmoplex era reminds me some of RD s8.

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