Redeemed...but Roku?

So logged in and redeemed…and I see that on my desktop, and phone.

Is the Roku app supposed to reflect this now?

Or does that just look like it normally does?

Yeah, it’s on my Roku. Should be on yours too.

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Make sure you email account aligns in all places. It’s the linchpin.

Streaming “Teenagers” from the vault picks right now on the Roku app. Works fine.

You have to log in on the Roku app as well.

Looking into that now

Already am

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I had to ‘activate’ twice for it to finally take on Roku (FireTV worked first time). On the second try, when it worked, I noticed that it took a bit longer than I expected, and, perhaps, longer than I had allowed for the first time before declaring “fail”. :wink:

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I’m trying to get this to work on my roku but it’s been stuck on “Setting things up” for at least 15 minutes now. How long should I wait before giving up? I logged in with my gizmoplex credentials which work on PC but on Roku it just seems to be stuck forever on “Setting things up.” Ugh.

I had to click the link from the kickstarter update message. If I just searched from the roku streaming channels menu, I couldn’t see it.

I was able to find the channel and have added it, so that wasn’t an issue for me. I’ve gone through typing in all my login info but now it’s just forever spinning on “setting things up.” And actually after a half hour of spinning I’ve given up.

Using the activate option instead of logging in with credentials ended up working for me, in case anyone else has problems using the credentials route.