Region-lock screens on Eureka Blu Rays

Sharing these as some here might find them interesting. Rather than just display an error message on a black screen, Blu Ray discs from Eureka have individual screens and messages when there is a region mismatch between disc and player. Some are really simple and just have the error message overlaid on the image used for the main menu. Others feature a still from the film with some in particular having specific shots clearly chosen to reflect the fact it’s a bit crappy that you are even seeing the screen and possibly unable to play the disc. They’re very clear that the region-locking isn’t their choice with some of the text being very direct and to the point about what the author thinks of region-locking. Gate of Hell, Silent Running and especially Island of Lost Souls don’t pull punches in condemning these restrictions. It’s such a small thing but it’s kinda neat that someone went out of their way with these, especially on multi-disc sets with different images on the different discs.

Curiously enough, their Drunken Master release is actually region-free so it doesn’t have one.


The General:
Buster Keaton: The Complete Short Films:
Go West:

Our Hospitality:

Battling Butler:
Steamboat Bill Jr:

Sherlock Jr:

Bela Lugosi/Edgar Allen Poe set disc 1:
Bela Lugosi/Edgar Allan Poe set disc 2:
Karloff at Columbia disc 1
Karloff at Columbia disc 2:
Silent Running:

Island of Lost Souls (They really went in with this one):

Gate of Hell:

Police Story:
Police Story 2:

Project A: Part 2:

Wheels on Meals:
City Hunter:

Dragon Inn:

Legend of the Mountain:
Raining in the Mountain:

A Touch of Zen:

Once Upon a Time in China:
Eastern Condors:

The Odd Couple:

Iron Monkey:
Encounters of the Spooky Kind: One-Armed Boxer:
Magnificent Butcher:

18 Bronzemen disc from the Cinematic Vengeance set:
Throw Down:
Wild Search (but I bet now you have the Police Squad! music in your head):