Regional Live Riffing

Does anyone have a local live riff event they’d like to share?

Here in Baltimore we have Mondo Baltimore, running for over a decade. We do a clip filled pre-show then some oddball gem, encouraging shout outs, drinking games, costumes, and other weirdness. First Thursday of every month. Over the years we’ve even had the filmmakers join us, hosted premiers of microbudget horror and comedy flicks, and started a band that covers songs from our favorite cheesy flicks.

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I’ve done Movie Scrapple in the Philly area before with a couple of self produced runs of improvised riffs. Will have to bring it back again in the future. Online actually worked pretty well for the one show we did there.

Austin, TX has Master Pancake.

Atlanta, GA has Cineprov.

I’ll definitely have to check out Mondo Baltimore when I’m down there next. Sounds like a lot of fun.

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Just come to my house and watch movies with me, my wife, our 8yo and dog.

Always plenty of riffing.

And it will only cost you a single, solitary Sampo!