Rehumanized enemies in Star Force: Fugitive Alien II

In Star Force: Fugitive Alien II, there’s scene where the alien general guy tricks a greenhorn of his own military to let in some human saboteurs. He has a conversation with the greenhorn that gives the greenhorn humanity, rather than a faceless enemyity. Sure, the greenhorn would normally kill you with his gun if you were trying to get past his position (and he later did just that to the general), but he was just following orders, and you were the enemy. How are we supposed to root for the Star Force guys to kill all those alien dudes if we know that they’re really just regular fellows punching a clock like the rest of us?

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Because Ken is clearly having a good time slaughtering all of those mooks. Just look at the goofy smile on his face as he does it.

Because you also have the issue of the fact that these people seem to be brainwashed into following orders without thought. How do you persuade people like that to get out, to stop what they’re doing, etc? This weapon (MegaServo, whatever it was in the show) was apparently extremely dangerous and a threat to others. So they had to destroy it.

One thing at a time. I’m still focused on Ken being a dink for the way he treated Rita.