Relaying a complaint

So a friend of mine who got the Season Pass has expressed frustration with the lack of updates. She was not a Kickstarter backer and joined sometime last summer. I had informed her about the Super Dragon event this Fri, and she did not know about it.

This makes me wonder if there have not been any updates sent out that are not Kickstarter updates?

Checking my old e-mails, I noticed that I only get Gizmoplex posts of a new event right before the event is about to start. I usually miss those since I am usually already in the theatre by that point. Everything else is a Kickstarter post.

It seems that if we want more people to join, they should get regular updates as to what is happening. Not just the Kickstarter backers. Not that I am trying to make anybody’s job harder, but let us make the new people feel welcome and part of the process.

So there, complaint relayed.


I’m not sure what the communication looks like for anyone who is not a KS backer, however all of the events and dates are available on the VHX site:

If your friend goes to that site, logs in, clicks “my Videos” and then her pass, she will get the same list.


At one point, there was a calendar file with all the events for the year posted (that I added to my calendar to remind me of upcoming events), but that may have only gone to backers?



These events do make a strong case for biweekly -ish email updates. It’s commercial email you’d actually want!


Thought of something else, is your friend on any social media? I know posts are sent to Facebook and twitter (not sure where else) a few days out for upcoming events or new episodes. So she could follow those outlets as well for more up to date info.


Yeah, a newsletter for subscribers who didn’t back wouldn’t be a bad idea and would keep them in the know.

However, there are several resources out there, things that’ll keep you informed.

Some have been mentioned, the google calendar is another

GIZMOPLEX: Kingadome Events (

Just a minute out of your busy week to check that and you never have to miss a show or a download date again.


These are all good points. And I feel you can just remind yourself that there is an event every other week.

But the source of the frustration I got seems to stem more from the fact that she feels like she not getting her money’s worth without notifications and updates. It was mentioned that the Mads send out updates and reminders of the shows. I think it is more being included more.

I think it comes down to the feeling that this is still a Kickstarter club. I have no idea how many people have subscribed since the Kickstarter, but I have noticed that so far everybody who commented on this is a backer. I want this project to be a huge success, and I feel that in order for that to happen we can’t only count on backers. We need more fans who are willing to put money down. Obviously, I was and so were you, but what can be done to make more people want to join and feel included?

I should point out that there are other things going on here, but I just have been made aware of some of the complications that a non-backer has been having. It’s been interesting to compare my experience with others, including friends who were backers to others who are not.

Anyway, that’s some of my thoughts. Hoping for much more to come.


On one hand, I certainly understand the frustration of not having access to updates. On the other, there are outlets with this information. Is she using them? Has she joined the MST social media outlets? or joined this forum, for example?

I guess I’m not sure what else the staff folks can be doing to get the word out. Where do you (or your friend) see a communication break down? Is it the lack of backer emails not getting sent to those who weren’t backers? Not sure there’s much they can do there. Part of backing the KS perks was to receive exclusive info about the production.


No, I agree. I believe it is more that she is very busy right now and was kinda annoyed that I had to remind her that the show was a thing. And I agreed to pass that on. As I said, there is more going on right now. But taking a more active role in the social aspects would be a good very good start. I will say though, that putting out the announcement of an upcoming event a little sooner would not hurt.

My concern is more from a marketing perspective. Seeing as how I have been looking into how to promote some of my work, I kinda have marketing on my brain right now. So I try to think of things that could improve the Gizmoplex Experience :tm:.

Have you given any thought to rides?


I do understand. I get email updates from Netflix/Hulu/Amazon about new shows and such. I do get the Kickstarter updates about the new season/GizmoPlex, but based on comments on the Kickstarter page, plenty of people don’t read them (one of the first comments on an update about rewards the other day was “Any updates on rewards?”).

If some are tuning out Kickstarter updates (which was mentioned as something Alternaversal was aware of during the campaign), perhaps a mailing list would be more effective at updating viewers on new episodes and events? That way it could expand to people beyond just backers.


I have noticed that with the Gizmoplex app on my phone, I get pop-up notifications of events. Some of these, like the Intro To Riffing, I didn’t hear about anywhere else other than the pop-up. So I agree that there could be better communication to subscribers.


Understand being busy and forgetting/missing things. It can be frustrating.

Please let her know that she’s very welcome to join our cul… er… community. Yeah.

New members should be sure to grab a welcome packet and a raisin snail.


I haven’t been able to find where the calendar file I added to my calendar came from. Did anyone track down if that was for backers only or something we could share? (If I can find it) That would have probably helped her out a lot?

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@JakeGittes posted it above. If you visit the linked calendar, you can use the “+” button at the bottom to add it to your own calendar. Not sure if it’s Google Calendar only or if it works with others.



Brain fog strikes again.

(Edit: I’d liked the post even)



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