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Ye olde Kickstarter survey. Post it here. If you create a new topic for the same issue , you are automatically less important. So join here please, for questions, queries and feed back. Ivan and Lesley have enough to deal with ATM. Thanks for understanding. :slightly_smiling_face:


Better yet, if you have any questions or problems with the survey, please email . Ivan and the team are trying to streamline the support process through email so they don’t have to divide their attention as much between the forums, Kickstarter comments, etc.


Hero. Gist is , something strange? In yo dam survey? Who you gonna call?!?! Us. Then everything is here for the mods /mads to fix :grin:

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@Deiseboi3k : Are you affiliated with Alternaversal, Backerkit, or Kickstarter?


Not even close. Point of this is to be a singular focal point for Ivan et al to address issues. Rather than being 24589 posts for the same topic. Thanks for clarifying. Just a fan here trying to help the admin run things more smoothly. Feel free to suggest a better way to make it more efficient. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Ivan and the team have asked, to make it more efficient, that people email their questions to instead of posting them here.


Yeah – let’s let Lesley, Ivan, and Alternaveral call the shots. They’ve communicated the process they’d like us to follow, in a few places.


I like the idea of one post, one point of contact, for ppl having issues with the survey…

But …

I believe that Ivan asked that people email instead of posting?

But, a post like this, but pointing people to the email, is sorely needed? (Even better if it were pinned?)

I suspect that if you edited the post to point people to that email address, it could possibly become that pinned post?

But, all this is way above my pay grade so what do I know?

Take care


Also, thread titles that are relevant are much easier for folks to find. Something like “Survey Problems, Post Here” But as others have said, they prefer email at the moment.


This doesn’t take the load off of the team at all. Because if there is any issues with someone’s backer survey, no one here but the team at MST3K could help. Adding a long thread about issues only makes finding a solution more complex for the team.

If you want to help, edit your post to voice the same advice that was given, or just remove this post.

Flagged this post for ignoring what the team has asked us to do, and giving misleading information.


I do love the idea of folks using this thread for general feedback and discussion that doesn’t actually require us to respond directly! But if you are having an issue that needs help from the team, email for assistance. We cannot guarantee we will see everyone’s requests on the forums.

Thanks friends!


fair points all round. was just trying to help, but yeah i can see it hasnt helped much and may actually have made things worse for some. tbh not even sure if i can delete the post, so just altered the title, so it should go dead sooner rather than later.

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I just joined the forum today. I am a backer, at the 400+ level, but it doesn’t say “backer” by my name. What am I doing wrong? Still figuring things out.

Hi @Nekasha check out this thread for all the details

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