Rental, Home, and Roku

I’ve downloaded the Roku app, android app, and android app for my tv (maybe that’s the same). Looks good. I’m happy with it. Here are suggestions/corrections (sorry if these have been brought up already) :

  1. I noticed when I clicked on a movie and it gave me the buy/rent option, it says (for rental) “Start wat… NULL-DAY rental…” The number of days needs to be filled in I guess.

  2. I have the deluxe collection and other collections in my library. I see from the Explore screen that I can rent/buy a lot of ones that are in my library. Is there an easy way to connect what you have in your library to that explore screen so they are unlocked if you own them? Just a nice to have.

  3. Another nice-to-have. Could Explore be called Home? Or could you add a Home (it could just dump you into Explore)? It’s probably just because I’m older, but it would just feel more like I’m at the “main part” if I had that.

  4. At first when I tried to add the app to Roku, I searched in the streaming channels from Roku through my Roku stick itself. I could not find it. Then I realized it was stated that this was a soft start with the big event in May. So, I figured out it’s probably not being advertised yet and I’ll need to use the link from the update. That worked. Am I correct or is there a problem with it showing up in the Roku streaming channels search?

Anyway, as I said, it looks good so far. These aren’t major problems and everything else seems to work well so far.

Many of the apps will still let you watch episodes you own from the explore screen. Just click through to the video and it will let you play it, despite it having the rent/buy buttons.

When searching for the app were you searching for “Gizmoplex” or “Mystery Science Theater 3000”? This caught me up at first. It’s under “Mystery Science Theater 3000”.

That’s true. I very well may have been searching for Gizmoplex. When I search now, I do find the Mystery Science Theater 3000 app.

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The strange thing is now I don’t see any movies on my Explore screen anymore. I just see clips and coming attractions.

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You’ll have to buy/rent episodes through the website. Then they’ll show up in your library in the app. (You’ll be getting the best deal that way anyway!)

From this Help Desk article.


I do see them in my Library. I could have sworn when I first used the app I would see some titles available for purchase on the Explore screen like I do when I go to through a browser. I don’t now.

You’re right. It still allows me to click on them and watch them. The rent/buy buttons are just a little misleading when I already own it. If possible it would be nice if they disappeared when you own it or if a banner saying “You own this” showed up. I’m just throwing out nitpicky stuff. I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining.

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Lol now it’s making a liar out of me. Now I can see the different seasons on the Explore page in the app. And yes, even though an episode may show the lock and have the “Buy or rent” button, I can still click it and watch it. Again a nice-to-have would be to not see the lock and button if it’s in our library. Maybe this is all moot though since it may all be replaced by the virtual theater. Regardless, it’s not that important. Just a suggestion.

I bet that’s quite a different movie from: