I may be doing something wrong (I’m not good at technology), but I think it would be easier if replies to comments were underneath the comment instead of at the bottom of the comments section.
(If I’m doing something wrong, help would be wonderful.)

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They’re in both places.


Yep there is a similar thread here on the same topic: (apparently, it a Discourse “:quirk”)


Note that there is more than one way to reply. Each post in a topic has its own reply button, and then there’s one more that follows you on the right in a desktop browser. When you get to the bottom of the topic that button settles to the bottom. In the Android app and browser that topic reply is always at the bottom. The reply button you choose determines if your post shows up as a reply on another post. Your post is going to land at the bottom of the topic, but there will be a link to the post you replied to. That’s basically how Discourse works - new stuff goes to the bottom. It takes some getting used to.