Reposting: FEEDBACK INVITED: House on Haunted Hill… Now in 3D!

I originally posted this in the Artsy-Craftsy discussion, but I figured this discussion would be interested as well!

After several years of exploring various processes for converting 2D film to 3D, I think I’ve come up with something that’s worth putting before the public. My previous effort, A Case of Spring Fever, got a good reaction here; now I want to find out what Msties think when the process is applied to the William Castle classic, House on Haunted Hill. Please view the film on its YouTube page, then feel free to comment below!

The original House on Haunted Hill was presented in “Emergo,” which Castle promised would deliver 3D without the glasses. Well, I’m a little short on plastic skeletons and strings to dangle them from, so you’re going to have to use red/cyan anaglyph glasses to view the 3D effect. In the absence of the upcoming Kingavision, you can go over to Amazon and search “red/cyan anaglyph glasses”; they’ve got a few reasonably priced options there.

Thanks for checking this out!