Request for the Next Weekly Update?

Howdy @Lesley and @ivan!

I was wondering if there might be some consideration for a future update request?

I’m interested to see what a finalized, completely composited and color corrected shot might look like for the new season.

With the remote photography, there’s probably a little less “on set” practical imagery, so I’m wondering if it might be possible to see a little of a vfx demo reel.

I’m not asking to see spoilers or anything, I’m just curious if we can see some “before” and “after” shots. Maybe just a bit of test footage?

I feel like there was a video (possibly in one of the Kickstarter updates) that even showed shots of Max and Kinga being shot against Green screen, and then the completed shot.

Maybe we could get a glimpse of something like that for season 13?

Please… Pretty please… With ram chips on top. :slight_smile:


I’d second this. Not only from a ooo how do they make shows POV, but from a is this whole thing really going to work POV.


Chances are they will, once those are actually completed. I’d love to see the compositing-in-action as well.