Reset/remove from "Continue Watching"?

I have several episodes showing in “Continue Watching” that I have in fact finished watching. There’s two things here I guess:

  1. it seems like the system doesn’t realize I’ve finished
  2. there seems to be no way to remove it manually from the list

all four of these have been finished, but they are cluttering up my view:


Unless I’m missing a way to remove those—someone please chime in if so—that appears to be a limitation of the Vimeo OTT app. Here’s a more thorough explanation from Ivan:


Thank you for your fast reply!

is there any way to ask Vimeo to add this capability? it seems like a common thing in other streamer platforms, to be able to “remove from my list”… alternatively, it certainly seems like a bug that the system isn’t picking up that I’ve finished something - is there any way to file a bug with them?


Did you watch through all of the credits all the way to the end?


I tried this on my end, since I had a few episodes in my Continue Watching section.

I watched an episode in Continue Watching all the way through and let the next episode autoplay. That first episode still remains in my Continue Watching section.

It’s as MichaelRobertson said by way of Ivan’s post, it just appears to be one of those Vimeo interface things we have no control over.


This problem shows up in other streaming services. If Disney+ and YouTube haven’t fixed it, it may be a while before the Gizmoplex does.


In fairness, it’s a difficult issue. On some services, it’s “You couldn’t possibly want to watch the credits so if you exited here, you have to fast-forward all the way to the end again. But not too far or you’ll have to do it again!”