Could just be the economy too. And inflation. And energy prices. And the supply chain. And people conditioned not to go out anymore because of Covid. So many reasons exist these days. Bad management isn’t the only reason. Sometimes the public cools on something.


In the case of Red Lobster… it’s the morons at the top, though.

A few years ago the chain was bought by its former seafood distributor, based in Thailand… a company with zero experience in running any restaurants ever, where decisions were apparently made according to the personal tastes of the C-suite dillweeds instead of any kind of market research.


I wasn’t sure if what you said was generalization or something specific. Thanks for clarifying! Many people today say something without researching it. There is a trend now of flush organizations buying up assets and running them into the ground. Indifference, incompetence, ego, these are all drugs of perception. They think they know when they don’t. This is before Coke or anything else is involved. Expertise is in short supply and we see what happens.

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The ultimate problem with business today is that corporations now exist solely to make shareholders happy, not customers. And shareholders might as well be a separate species from customers for all they understand them, or care to.

This is why perfectly profitable stores and restaurants get closed anyway, because they’re not in an upscale location where the shareholders see “growth potential.” Profitability no longer matters, only growth growth growth.


Myopia in business? Imagine that.


JUST the canned stuff? WHY? Not much of a want in the UK?


Did I just hear a low-key disrespecting of potted meats?

Mike Nelson would not approve!

Eh…corned beef…you can make it yourself, you know…I think the “corn” actually just refers to the salt…and add spices to taste…yadda yadda…and probably cook it, is what I’ve done traditionally.

I find it difficult to imagine where it is one cannot find a reasonably close facsimile among beef products. Well, that is, among eaters of beeves.

But I have been wrong before…perhaps many times.

A few times.

OK, fine, a lot.


I’m not really sure why they don’t do corned beef here. It could be that the local Jewish population never went for it the same way as they did in America, or maybe they did and it never spread beyond them like it did when the Irish-Americans adopted it. I know I could make it myself, but it’s finding a place to store it while it soaks up the goodness that’s the problem.


No springs?

Well, there’s gotta be some pastrami then…pretty much same thing. If anything, the pastrami has the yiddisher sprechen market cornered, while corned beef is (at least IMHO) a little less culturally specific.

Lobel’s in Manhattan, NY would be happy to mail you a big chunk of whatever you want, though, delivered in a foam thing with dry ice. They had a deal going on…oh…like twenty years ago or so…actually a bit longer than that…so, I’m thinking even though they mostly deal in raw meats, they can probably hook you up.


I remember going to Chi-Chi’s in Texas when I was a kid and half my friends were of Mexican descent. They giggled a lot at the name of the restaurant


What was funny? The word itself or how it was used?

I think there’s still a Chi-Chi’s up near me…not 100% sure…we have a lot of hispanic people up here, you know, just regular working people…and am pretty sure the “nuance” is not lost when it comes to the name of the restaurant.

About the meaning? Well…it’s kind of the thing where if you hear it, you know what the meaning is. I don’t speak Spanish (well, maybe tourist-level, I guess, if that…enough to order breakfast and all that), but you’d know what the implication and meaning is.

That’s some brass receptacles for calling their chain of restaurants that, but power to them! It’s not actually anything objectionable…maybe more at the level of “Hooters” or something like that.

Does anyone who actually speaks Spanish want to weigh in? I’m just learning at this point, strictly by ear and by chatting with coworkers and all that.

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Cheers on the insight. Basically it’s almost silly to those who know the language. I’d love to have someone fill us in more. From what jolomo said, I assumed that.


On potted meats, it was the lack of options I cried “WHY?” to not canned goods themselves. I’m a man who likes options. Like you said, “You can make it yourself.” Which is perfectly true. Some people aren’t that motivated. Corned Beef is just Brisket cooked down. A less wanted part of the cow coaxed into awesomeness. At least for my money. It is a delicacy I’m surprised I don’t see more in the States. But I’m probably not visiting the right places.

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We had a Chi-Chi’s. I used to love their seafood enchiladas.

They went under after a food poisoning incident.

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Really good BBQ and beers in the middle of Nearly Nowhere NY.

Apart from the food and beer, their back yard is the best thing about the place. G. Love & Special Sauce will be there this summer.

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“What the hell is a ‘chonga’?” :peach:


There’s a really great taqueria near me called Sancho’s, and my sister tells me that “Sancho” is what a guy calls the other guy who his girlfriend cheated on him with. I have not independently confirmed this, but to quote Sublime:

:notes: If I could find that jaina and that Sancho that she’s found
Well, I’d pop a cap in Sancho and I’d slap her down


Chicken for Lunch. Now there’s a name. What’s on the menu? Obviously chicken but did they step outside the box?

I am sad not to find more Burgerville ads from the 1990s available for posting.

It’s a fast food chain only in Oregon and a smidge of Washington State. Their slogan back then was “Inconveniently located for MOST of America.” :grin:

The burgers and fries are fine. They have the comfort-food kiddie size cheeseburger with American cheese, and then their fancier bigger burgers with real Tillamook Cheddar and so on. Back in the 90s, they had amazing cod and chips, too. I would eat that almost every week in the years following college, even though it was hard on my wallet. Now they have halibut instead, which is more local but not my thing.

The real reason to go there are seasonal sides and shakes. Midsummer it’s always big Vadinho Vidalia onion rings. Right now, it’s fried asparagus, and so on. Around Xmas, you can get Peppermint shakes, which are nice whether cow or coconut-based.