Reward Pricing?

Does anyone recall what the cost of the INTRO TO MOVIE RIFFING class was the Joel was?

I think this was an add on, but looking over the rewards again, didn’t see it.

Thanks for any insights folks!

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The class was $250, I believe… And you’ll still be able to grab it as an add on reward soon, if you want!


Thank you Ivan! Very much appreciate the help! Have a great evening.


I wonder if anyone here has ever taken that class with Joel and if they had any feedback or thoughts?

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Unlikely, since Joel has never offered it before in this format! It was a new idea specifically for this Kickstarter. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Ivan! I guess I was thinking it was similar to the class he had taught at BCCC, or the workshop he had held and was curious if there were any responses to that.

How exciting this is a new thing he’s designed for the backers!

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