Rick & Morty!

Any Rick & Morty fans here? Of course there is!
Rick and Morty follows genius alcoholic scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith as they traverse space, time and parallel worlds on whacky intergalactic adventures. Life is never too dull in the Smith household as Rick invents new gadgets and encounters friends and foes alike, and the series is littered with high-concept hijinks and more down-to-earth, domestic episodes. The series has garnered critical acclaim, with Adult Swim ordering 70 episodes of the show outright after the end of Season 3.

For those that don’t know, Season 6 is finally set to debut on Sept. 4 :confetti_ball: :clap:


Good to know! I always forget when each TV show begins, or if it is still even on the air. Only saw the last season of Archer like a year after it aired, for example. Had no idea they spanked up more Crank Yankers, either, until recently.

I somewhat suspect this forum is about 95% full of Rick&Morty-heads. Probably not the kind to go apestuff about whatever stupid MacDonald’s sauce…which is good. More reasonable R&M fans, I’d guess.

Beth and Jerry. Their space-counseling session alone is worth it all…the predator and the prey!

Not my art, but:


I used to be into it, but the more I watched it, the more I realized it was a very cruel show. I’m just not into it anymore.

The show has some moments to be sure. But I got the same sort of vibe from R&M that I got from some episodes of South Park. The occasional amusement was all too often accompanied by as many (or more) moments that - to quote crow - left me feeling “icky and dirty”.

In the end, R&M is a lot of ultra-violence, sexual degradation, and nihilism using the same animators that made “Rugrats”. Some funny moments come at the price of a lot of yuck.


Excited to see some new episodes but also enjoying solar opposites right now.

i love rick and morty, although i think my favorite episode isn’t actually an ep. it’s the australian R&M video. ‘siiiiiiiick’ and ‘BLOODY RIPPER LEGEND’ have made their way into my jargon.

anyone seen the vindicators 2 eps that came out recently?

‘everything everywhere all at once’ is like a live-action rick and morty so def recommend catching that if you haven’t.

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I liked season 1 a lot, season 2 rather less, and didn’t remember until recently that I had watched season 3. I did catch up but mostly to figure out why I didn’t think it was particularly funny any more. Not just the new episodes but a lot of the old ones (while there are many classic bits) didn’t make me laugh like they used to.

One should be suspicious (to say the least) of analyses of art but I can’t help but think that the “nothing matters” aspect of the first seasons, which was used to make a contrary point about what can matter, ended up informing the writing of the later episodes. E.g., if you kill the main characters dozens of times in the course of 20 minutes, how am I supposed to care about them when you say, “Psych! Those weren’t the real characters!”?

There’s an oddly similar effect in “Seinfeld” (or “Family Guy”) where we’ve established the characters are going to be perpetually two-dimensional, and all that’s left to care about is cleverness of the script—which is not nothing, but in R&M’s case, after the fourth or fifth time you’ve killed everyone, I already know what the punchline is.

I don’t find “South Park” nihilistic in that sense, but it does share the aspect of “Oh, they wouldn’t go there would they?” (see also “Family Guy”) and, yeah, the net’s off the tennis court as Robert Frost might say: They would go wherever.

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I didn’t actually get to watching R&M until last year, so experienced it all in one chunk (and mercifully free of any awareness of the darker corners of the fan culture around the show……yikes).

I’d say overall I’m into it but……

……this resonates with me. Maybe on a similar tip I don’t think a show about the ennui experienced by a man with godlike powers is a sustainable vehicle for, you know, comedy. I do think there are lots of interesting character moments but they get buried. I lay the blame for that at the pace of the episodes, which I find a bit relentless at times.

Never thought of this before, thank you for helping me understand why i find Seinfeld a bit of a slog!

With that said I think my favourite R&M episode is the Heist-Con one, where I suppose the ‘joke’ is the the script is terrible and convoluted on purpose. That is pretty irksome, but for some reason I dig it.

If nothing else it led me to adopting “You son of a bitch, I’m in” as my go to affirmative for any suggestion made by a friend. Much to their growing dismay.

Yeah, and I think the show has gotten less funny as Rick has become more godlike.

Good observation. I hadn’t considered the pace but it’s a big factor, yeah.

Yeah, it’s not like you can care about the characters. And I admire that Seinfeld took that route against the tide of “Very Special Episodes” but…eesh. To have a show where the characters are exactly the same seven years later?

It kind of epitomizes the show, really: It’s clever, though it’s not hard to predict where it’s going, and it has Rick crushing Morty because of some trivial element of pop culture he finds loathsome.

Anything that helps us annoy our friends is welcome. :pray: