Riffs that took on new meanings

As time goes on, the odd line from just about anything will naturally pick up some extra subtext that had never been intended, whether it be uncomfortable or just amusing. And with how long MST3k has run, it naturally has quite a few.

To name one of the more short-term ones, Yongary has a reporter ask the kid hero “Why do you dress like John Lasseter?” At the time it was just about Lasseter’s love of Hawaiian shirts, but just a few months later the numerous accusations against him suddenly makes it sound like they think the kid also has some unsavory stuff going on.


Well, the obvious one is including Trump: The Art of the Deal along with Mein Kampf among all the “books by evil people” in the bikers’ library in Wild Rebels, given that we now know Trump kept a copy of Hitler’s speeches by his bed, according to his first ex-wife.


Yeah, I don’t want to summon any edgelords from the beyond, but I’ll just say what everyone has been thinking for the last half-decade: Pod People.

It’s bugging me in that I know there are a whole bunch of them floating below the surface of my eyelids, but I can’t summon them from memory just now.


I’ve hinted at this before, but I think a lot of the Mr. B Natural riffs would hit me as cringeworthy and transphobic now. I can’t for the life of me figure out how it could be successfully reriffed today, and the end of season 12 seemed to bring it up as a possibility.

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The girls raping the guy in MST3K 610 - The Violent Years is really cringeworthy now.
Yet for some reason, it is one of the bumpers on the MST3K Twitch channel.

Someone in another thread mentioned The Last Starfighters The Starfighters apparently. The movie that is less about anything than any other MST experiment.

While Liberace … and his extremely odd relationship with his lover Scott Thorson (the whole plastic surgery thing and all that) … is pretty ripe for mockery, I don’t think the lisping “Thcott Thorson” would play today much.

And the “woah, you’re showing a little too much of the little sizzler, Hank” (or whatever) in the Incredibly Strange Creatures: no, that would likely get some complaints.