Rifftrax 15: What will you buy during the anniversary sale?

There’s too much I’ve yet to watch! What are you buying from Rifftrax during their 15th Anniversary sale?


A couple of the newest releases, some older shorts I missed, and several MST3K episodes I don’t own and won’t be getting from the Kickstarter campaign. Huzzah!


I have a lot in my wishlist (this despite the fact I’ve already bought nearly a hundred movies from them!) so mostly recent stuff. I’m looking forward to the Gumby movie because being on the good side of the nearly unkillable shape-shifter seems the wise move!

If you’re looking for recommendations off the top of my head if you haven’t checked out - you might want to check out (random faves in no order and I’m forgetting some no doubt):

Birdemic Live
Ator the Fighting Eagle
Samurai Cop Live
Death Promise
Hawk the Slayer
Honor and Glory
RocknRoll Nightmare (the ending sans spoilers is brillantly surreal)
The Guy From Harlem
Rollergater (just so you can start wearing a “I Survived Rollergater” t-shirt…)


And in case anyone’s interested I ended up going for these from my wishlist:

MST3K: The Pumaman
RiffTrax Live: Sharknado
Lovely But Deadly
Suburban Sasquatch
Gumby: The Movie
Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon


Thanks to my best friend, Sharknado was my first Rifftrax. I had no idea Mike, Bill and Kevin had regrouped after the Film Crew. I’ve watched the MST3K Reunion Show in the theater, Samurai Cop, Mothra, and the Summer Shorts Beach Party all live in Nashville. All are good choices.

I decided to replace my … hmm … favorite unsanctioned copies of MST3K not included in the Kickstarter. If you buy 7, price goes down to $7.98 per episode, getting you just over $50 and scores the $15 gift card and free mp3 of the second Twilight riff.

FYI, standard definition is all that’s available for many of the MST3K episodes, I suspect the quality won’t be much different in the Gizmoplex, but at least it’s legal AND sending profit to the rightful creators.


For more favorite / “essential” Rifftrax, I should add:

The Guy From Harlem
Birdemic: Live
Miami Connection: Live
Setting Up a Room (the longest short you will EVER endure)

The live shows just have that crowd energy I enjoy, hence I own most of them.


Oh I forgot about MC Live an excellent choice.

And the room one is so delightfully odd and so very long for a short.

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I like buying their DVDs since that automatically gives me the streaming episodes which I watch and the save the discs for gifts to others.
I just ordered Reefer Madness, Samurai Cop, and The Galaxy Invader.

Every time they have a sale and I have extra money I just buy whatever has come out since their last sale. In this sale I picked up their last 7 releases:
The Minion
Shrunken Heads
Invaders from Mars
San Franphycho
Max Havoc
The Alien Dead