RiffTrax and Cinematic Titanic in the Gizmoplex

If this has been discussed already, my apologies; If I remember correctly, it had been mentioned about a year ago that RiffTrax and Cinematic Titanic episodes could possibly be accessible from the Gizmoplex. Is that still a possibility, or am I mistaken?


I don’t think Rifftrax was ever confirmed to be in the Gizmoplex, but at some point they committed to doing some sort of livestream event there. So that could be fun.

If they could somehow combine the MST3K app with the Rifftrax App and give me all my riffing in one place, though, I’d never need another app.


[sad]The Mads hang their heads[/sad]


Yep, I think it would be great if the Gizmoplex Gift Shop stocked stuff from all manner of riff-based media.


Literally true. I’d throw out my banking apps, my messaging apps—Just gimme them riffs!


Riff Central™ (Feat. the Gizmoplex and Rifftrax)


I wouldn’t expect the Gplex to become the “official home” of any of those other shows (except maybe Cinematic Titanic, since that was Joel’s). Just another outlet for the shows and another high-profile link to their stuff.


I’ve been agitating for CT in the Gizmoplex for a while. If they could also bring the behind-the-scenes extras that were only on the direct-sold DVDs, all the better.

And if they carry a bunch of different riffers, the shop could be called the RiffMall. Which can also be read “riff 'em all”.


Before The Mads started selling their own downloads, I was kind of hoping they might be able to come to an arrangement to stream their past events in the Gizmoplex.

I suppose they could still do something like that, maybe trim off the Q&A segment so that’s exclusive to people who buy them.


Their relationship with Joel has been strained in recent years. I don’t know whether they’ve patched things up.


I was hoping it might work as an olive branch.


Rifftrax is its own enterprise, with its own long-established catalog and successful business model. It also takes a very different tack on which movies they’ll do, especially because they’re willing and able to release a “just the jokes” track without the rights to the movie itself.

But, yeah, I’d love to see Cinematic Titanic included. I think it’d be a good fit.

That said, even though I came to this thread specifically because I was looking to see if anyone else supported adding CT, as I’m writing this, I’m starting to see potential problems:

  1. Cinematic Titanic was great, but it ended up being too niche. There was a core of dedicated fans, but it didn’t really gain traction or pull in a wider audience. So adding CT to GP doesn’t really bring in any new people.

  2. I don’t know what the costs would be. They did live shows and DVDs. They’d need to get streaming rights to bring those shows here.

  3. As mentioned, (IDEK what happened between them, but) The Mads have been fairly clear they want no part of things here. They were a core part of CT. And I suspect they’ve got some say in its distribution now.

  4. CT has a different storyline than MST3K. If the Gizmoplex is to be specifically an MST3K hub, some might feel it wouldn’t be a good fit.

I’d love to see CT here. In the same way that Rifftrax offers The Film Crew. But the more I think about it, the more it seems like CT was a fun project while it lasted and now it’s over and they’d rather move forward.


I wouldn’t necessarily want to see any non-MST3K content actually housed in the Gizmoplex… just an interface leading to other groups’ own pages, so people who come here looking for riffs will a) be made aware of the other shows and b) be able to access it without a search.

If the Gizmoplex needs to be self-sustaining, though, it might not be smart to send people elsewhere in the name of a camraderie that apparently doesn’t even exist anymore.


No offense to those who enjoy the modern-day Joe Franklin Show, but my mind always wanders a minute into the Q&As, so I’d be fine watching the riffs without those added to the end.

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I feel deeply what you just said there and appreciate that it is in a thread about Cinematic Titanic where the nature of the PHP forum was never a total customer service solution but the small sized community became very tightly knit. :smiling_face_with_tear:

There is also the other side of letting people link their riffing projects resulting in the heavier activity of this forum or the GizmoPlex potentially acting like a DDoS attack rendering people’s smaller Gum Road shops unable to function in the higher traffic.

Potentially? :upside_down_face:

I do not know how to measure bandwidth and website traffic or estimate which would drive more traffic away between this forum and a room in the GizmoPlex.

There are, at least, 4 CT episodes on regular rotation on the MST3K Twitch channel so the costs for some of them can’t be that high.
My guess is we probably wont see any of the MST3K or CT live shows on the Gizmoplex since Joel didn’t get steaming/replay rights for them.

I found they’re great to do something else to. Wouldn’t mind them being released in podcast form

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From what I remember, Shout’s Cinematic Titanic DVD box set recently went out of print (the original, self-produced discs are also very hard to find these days).

I wonder if this leaves CT with a potential future on the Gizmoplex or even on the MST streaming stations (such as Pluto TV). I know I’ve seen a few Film Crew episodes on there every once in a while.


I recently noticed there are some Cinematic Titanic titles available for viewing on Tubi. Lots of MST3K and Rifftrax shows there too.