Rifftrax bonuses Question

I would like to know, when the Trax digital bonuses arrive, who has advance knowledge on Rifftrax- what is best suited for a 9yo? Are some/any of the things we’re getting are going to make sense, and that won’t give him TOO MANY new words and phrases to use at school and get me called to the office…

Nothing has arrived yet. So idk if it’s “open season” to redeem for ANY of the shorts/full film/live events or not. But I am hoping the MSTies can give a good appraisal for what’s going to land with the pre-teen sensibilities.

It stinks!!!

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You don’t get to pick your freebies - RiffTrax has done the shopping for you!

Just the Jokes: The Wizard of Oz
Short: Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
Full movie: Gammera the Invincible
Rifftrax Live: Giant Spider Invasion

Full details here.


Ah, so it’s stuff I already have. I see.



That’s… disappointing?

Thought it would be credits towards one of each kind of title? Had a few items in mind…

Oh well. Shrug.

At least there’s a Gamera movie?

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You do get a free month of Rifftrax Friends, so you do get access to a pretty large library to binge.

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I didn’t realize it would work that way either, but then again, I have no memory of getting anything from Rifftrax, so eh :woman_shrugging:

Maybe they added the Rifftrax reward after I already pledged. Or maybe my brain is little more than a loofah at this point.


Pretty sure the Rifftrax goodies were added towards the end of the Kickstarter, IIRC.