Rifftrax Gizmoplex Event?

Back towards the end of the Kickstarter, there was a special bonus announced if we hit the goal for a Rifftrax event hosted in the Gizmoplex:
Just wondering, has there been any word on the what or when of that? Or was it something that already happened and I’m blanking on it?


Don’t worry—you haven’t missed anything. Details for that event have not been announced yet.


Okay, thanks for confirming. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t somehow miss seeing something announced. Between all the current MST stuff and Rifftrax just having its latest Live event, there’s been a lot of goings-on to keep track of in the world of riffing.


A fun event might be Mike, Kevin and Bill playing Joel, Jonah and Emily in Rifftrax: The Game.

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I’d rather see them riff something than play a game.

I don’t get the appeal of watching other people play games. I want to play the game. LOL!

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Yeah, just playing a game would be a bit disappointing. I’m hoping for a Rifftrax Live style of event. Maybe even have the riff just be the premiere of a new studio riff, but with the added zoom session afterward like the current MST events. I guess we’ll find out eventually.


That’s fair. I figure as long as they’re writing their riffs that it will be funny to me.