Rifftrax help

Hi all can anyone help me with a site to watch rifftrax in the uk? Obviously if it’s free all the better.
I have watched all the episodes of mst3k and am now looking for a new thrill. Thanks in advance.


I don’t know of any free services that stream RiffTrax. I think Amazon and Netflix periodically have some episodes, but those aren’t free and I imagine it ebs and flows. If free isn’t absolutely required, rifftrax.com itself is available worldwide for streaming purchased episodes. They also offer a new subscription service that lets you stream most (but not all) episodes without purchasing them.


I don’t know if there are country restrictions on it, but there’s a RiffTrax channel on YouTube where they’ve put up a few of their riffs for free.


There’s a 24/7 Rifftrax channel on Twitch. No subscription required, but you have to put up with ad breaks if you don’t subscribe.


Also I don’t know if this is true outside of the US (probably not if I had to guess) but if you own a newer Samsung smart TV that has the TV Plus web TV app, there’s a rifftrax channel that shows a rotating lineup of rifftrax movies and shorts.

It’s channel 1339


Thanks I will try these


As well as the Twitch channel, there are also RiffTrax and MST3K channels on Pluto TV, which is available in the UK.


Not sure about UK, but TUBI is another free channel to look for.

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Pluto TV is another website/service you could look into. They have a 24/7 MST3K and RiffTrax stream the I have running constantly in my house.


Tubi TV isn’t really a channel; it is a collection of movies to stream on demand, including some fabulous trashsploitation content.
It used to be available outside the USA, but they’ve had some rights problems and are now geoblocked. A VPN, however, will give you access (but you didn’t hear that from me, right?).

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Just saw Garth_Vader already mentioned Pluto TV. Well - consider that a second reference!

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First install a VPN.

If you can run your ROKU off the VPN then you can watch their ROKU channel.

There are some free VPNs and some subscription based ones. Some professional YouTube sites have sponsors. VPNs tend to be a sponsor.

Try checking out YouTube. I’ve seen some there. Type Rifftrax in the search box and enjoy. Again a VPN will help here. Here in the US some Queen videos are banned because of complicated copyright laws. With a VPN I can watch them because it tells them I’m in the UK.

Happy Life Day! You’re going to get a free download. I don’t remember what the limitations are, but as an American we like free things.

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There are quite a few rifftrax movies on Amazon Video. Most you’ll need to buy separately, but there’s usually a handful available for people with Amazon Prime

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