Rifftrax redemptions!

The codes for the rifftrax bonus’s arrived in my email today. Cell phone is now full of downloads. Thank you!!! :smiley:


For anyone who didn’t get the Rifftrax Bonus rewards, I have a couple codes that I cannot redeem (because I already own them). If anyone wants the BONUS: RiffTrax “Just the Jokes” for The Wizard of Oz or BONUS: RiffTrax Live for The Giant Spider invasion, they can take these codes! First come, first serve, as they say.

Get your RiffTrax Rewards for Helping #MakeMoreMST3K! | RiffTrax



I have my Gizmoplex codes, but it looks like they and I are trapped in some strange netherworld in which I’m barred from my RT account because it’s THICK with dust. SO thick, in fact, that I’m not sure which of my emails matches up with it. I’ve reached out to them but since it’s the end of the work week, I may have to wait a bit for an answer. Oh, well.

At least Mr. Potroast’s account is still active. Which is how I got into this jam in the first place. :woozy_face: :joy:

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So, after not hearing back for a week about my email issues, I contacted the Help Desk more directly. (Using the full-length form instead of an automated request to update my email.) I heard back from Erik at RT almost instantly. What a sweetheart. (Neither of us knows why the first request didn’t work, but no biggie.)

Looking forward to gorging myself silly on ALL the shorts this weekend!! Since those are always my go-to. YAY!! :partying_face:


@RiffTraxErik is a rock star.


I have sent support requests at some of the most ridiculous times, assuming I would get a reply the next day or after the weekend. @RiffTraxErik or Nik (from #TeamNoCsAllowed) have often replied within minutes. They do indeed rock to the maximum allowable level, and then a bit more just because.


Can anyone provide any key words (other than Rifftrax) that I should be searching my email for? Because I swear I haven’t received the codes.

Which codes are you missing? The RiffTrax rewards from the MST KS or the MST shorts from the RiffTrax KS? I don’t think the MST shorts from the RiffTrax KS are available yet.

If you are looking for the RiffTrax codes for the MST KS, then check your email for a “New Digital Content” email sent from the MST Backerkit around January 14.


I’m missing the Rifftrax codes from the MST KS, but now I know where to start looking. Thanks!