RiffTrax Reward Question

I notice on Get your RiffTrax Rewards for Helping #MakeMoreMST3K! | RiffTrax it shows a preview of the “RiffTrax Live: MST3K Reunion” video, and in the text next to it, it says “ALL Backers at any level get this live show in their rewards!

But I got my five RiffTrax codes today via email (four videos and the one month subscription), and redeemed them, and none of them include the reunion show. After redeeming the four videos (I haven’t redeemed the subscription code yet), I see all four videos in my RiffTrax library, but not the reunion show.

So how do I watch it?


I think something may be up with the free month code. Mine didn’t work.


I’m having the same issue. I can’t figure out how to redeem the reunion show. I feel like there’s something really obvious I’m missing but I don’t know what.


I was curious about this too. I already have it in my library, since I bought the blu ray from them, but it would be cool if to have the VOD added to my library since the blu ray only gives me a streaming option, not a download.


I reached out to RiffTrax. The reply was that the reunion video will go out as a reward sometime later this year.


Sounds good, no rush. I did get my Friends subscription going after an email with their customer service.

Here’s what they said:

Good news: you did successfully claim your free month of RiffTrax Friends.

Your next step would be to visit RiffTrax Friends (Through Eternity) and sign up for either a monthly or annual subscription. You won’t need to re-enter your discount code again, even if prompted.

Your first invoice after the automatic 1 week trial will be discounted $5.99, making that first month free in the case of a monthly subscription, or the first year $59 in the case of an annual subscription.


Good to know! Thanks!


FYI, @RiffTraxErik has explained what’s going on with there friends subscription code here:

The good news is that it’s a little tricky, but it works. He’s got a good explanation of how to successfully claim it and how that are trying to improve it.


That sure is good news.

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But it works!


interestingly, while updating the page, the reunion show was removed. so I guess that answers that question (the original point of this thread).

so I guess we’re waiting on the “later this year” answer @GinNGravitonic got.


Still haven’t tried the Free Month of Rifftrax Friends code yet, but it seems they want us to buy at least a month of it. I’ll do that but not yet.
Also, the codes I have for a free month, live show and mp3 are titles I already have. They suggest “gifting them”, but does that mean just printing the codes here or social media? Just want to be sure, because I’ll share extra copies f stuff I already have.

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I posted a thread on Reddit offering up the titles I already had, then messaged people the codes. But for the VODs, you should double check on if you bought it in SD or HD, because they will upgrade your copy to HD (I did that with a couple I already owned).

You don’t need to buy a month. Just cancel before the end of the first month, or turn off auto renew.


As @Majorjoe23 says, you don’t have to buy anything. You do have to start a subscription but you can cancel it and not pay. If it was Pandora or HBO I’d suspect it was a ploy to get you to be a subscriber by accident. Since it’s Rifftrax, I think it’s just the limit of their Friends subscription setup.


Could you please link me to the reddit thread in question?

EDIT: Never mind. Found it. https://www.reddit.com/r/Rifftrax/comments/s4wb18/code_for_gammera_and_live_giant_spider_invasion/

I contacted customer support, because I went through the redemption process and it just gave me a 1-week trial instead of the month. They said the code should take $5.99 off of the first payment (which is the entire amount for 1 month)

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