Rifftrax Reward

I bought the Rifftrax “Just the Jokes” years ago. It won’t let me pick a new one. Is there a way I could gift it to a person here? It’s Wizard Of Oz. The riffs are pretty good that I remember. You do need to have your own copy of the movie.

Do to lack of genuine, and legal, interest this offer is nullified. It robs Rifftrax of money to post it for everyone to use. Copyright law is complicated, but it’s probable that doing so violates this. The prices for the jokes are reasonable. Many of the movies cost $20 or less. Seriously look in the bargain bin at Walmart and you’ll find quite a few. Other places to look are Amazon and Ebay.


You could post your unused code, or take applications from excited candidates who are eager to receive a shiny new Oz riff. Or set up an arena where degenerates can fight to the death for supremacy and you award the survivor… The code. A sort of dome-shaped arrangement. With questionable weather. What could you call such a place?

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Can’t we just get past the Meteorological Hemisphere?


Boom boom in the geodesic room.

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It’s not ethical to post the code for everyone to see. This gladiator combat idea, now you have something. Okay, I’ll need to arrange tedious and redundant paperwork, find some legal jargon to rid me of liability, and set up a way to collect an entry fee. Maybe if I include Kinga on the profits I could use her crew to clean up.

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