RiffTrax Sweet 16

A wonderful video wishing the RiffTrax crew a happy 16 wonderful years from friends & collaborators (including Joel, Trace, Frank, and Jonah) and even some of their favorite targets.

What’s YOUR favorite memories of RiffTrax from the past 16 years?

For me, and this is cheating a little bit, but it was discovering the Legends Films versions of Night of the Living Dead sometime around 2005 that came with Mike’s solo commentary (I’ve always championed for a law to have a Best Brains Riff commentary on DVDs, and believed my letters had finally been answered). Just seeing movie riffing from one of the greats live on in some format not long after the Sci-Fi era had come to a complete end was a wonderful site to behold.

Little did I realize that this would lead to the more practical and ingenious RiffTrax!


“My God… it’s full of stars!” Oh, and a Polonia Brother.


Not ashamed to admit that I got a little … MSTie :face_with_diagonal_mouth: when I saw that reel before the Return of the Swamp Thing live show.

I loved Paul F. Tompkins’ jacket, the tributes from Joel, the Mads, and Jonah. I also laughed out loud when James Nguyen appeared, and my poor date had no idea what was going on.


Yeah, the launch of Mike’s Legend commentaries in 2004, I thought riffing was over and done with, but then that Reefer Madness DVD was released - and I laughed so much… it’s funny to think on that as they really improved upon the formula when he went more full-out riffing with 'Trax - and later Kevin and Bill joined him and now you have the Sci-Fi era team together again. But the original Reefer Madness is still special to me.

Rifftrax memory… Twilight, how they made Twilight an event. The incongruity of me looking forward to a new Twilight movie being released, but that was only because that meant another Rifftrax, and more lines like, “line?”

Most watched and favorite Rifftrax, Missile to the Moon from 2007, with guest Fred Willard. I still go back to that one, and it still makes me laugh.


The best part!


thanks for the awesome information.