Rifftrax the App: Lord of the Rings

Just a heads up folks, trying to make the autolistening part of the Rifftrax app to try and make it work with the extended edition as opposed to the intended theatrical edition…doesn’t. Poor thing just gets confused.


Poor little DisembAudio! Too many elves for one little algorithm to handle!


@TraV333-IGD, were you trying to let the folks at Rifftrax know about this, or were you just wanting to talk about it? If it’s the first one, you’ll want to open a ticket over at http://Rifftrax.com, because they won’t read it here.

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More just being observational and letting folks know :grin:

If you go to this address, you can give them a proper heads-up:

You’ll likely hear back from Erik or one of his crew. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. If you do hear from Erik, tell him Frank sent you.