RiffTrax: The Game

It seems like you need to know each other. But I’m hoping there’s no cross-platform issues. I would assume not. But I haven’t gotten to play yet- just purchased, downloaded and took a 2min break to make sure the software is good to go, and to switch on the swear word filter first thing (I’m sure the 9yo already knows plenty. But no need to endorse it just yet)

So tonight I’m gonna play around and see what we can see.

Are there chats in Steam? I’m completely unfamiliar.

I’m using the Switch

I am also unfamiliar. =(

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If this is like “What the Dub”, on the Xbox at least, you have to be in the same room to see the video. It’s like JackBox where the visual is one screen but the responding is done via phone.

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That’s fine…I didn’t even realize it was available on Xbox. I have requested a refund from Steam and I will re-purchase =)

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I got an email saying this is 10% off today.


Yes $8.99 (plus 12 different taxes…lol) for $9.78


Via switch I got to use some of my “coins” of some sort or another for a slight additional discount. It made mine $7.55.

So- we’ll worth the price of admission!

Getting the game but prob won’t get too far with it til Monday, my weekend to work of course :roll_eyes: no harm tho for ppl to post something like, Xbox, Europe timezone, pm for game from 4pm to 8pm etc even if it’s own specific thread or group. Should help fellow locals find other locals to riff with.

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Hoping to nab this soon… REALLY hoping it gets a physical release (I’m oldschool like that).

There is a Discord where you can find or advertise games.

I have my doubts. These party type games usually don’t. But maybe someone like Limited Run Games could be convinced. That would be awesome.

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There’s a way to play alone against “the bot” but I haven’t figured out how the heck to do that!

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Well it certainly seems like there’s an option for playing virtually (which would be amazing)- if that’s the case, we should try and set up an MST Forum Game soon!


Anyone record the zoom/live meeting yesterday @ 4 Central of them playing?

I’m playing it and loving it, but are the clips super laggy for anyone else? The rest of the game is fine.

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What you do is pick what game you want (Write a Riff or Pick a Riff), get to the screen that has the pizza box with the room code on it, go to your phone and look up rifftrax.games and enter your name and the room code. Once done, you should be able to start the game by yourself. There won’t be any points or voting or anything, but it’s good practice.

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Write a Riff feels so much better than Pick a Riff, where you’re hardly ever given a line that fits the situation well, and the computer is a cheating bastard and always has the perfect one handy.


Late to the thread here, but I’m really enjoying Rifftrax: The Game. My husband and I have been streaming it on Twitch and having our friends join in. We’ve mostly been doing the Write a Riff, and I think the clips are way better than what’s in What the Dub.

If any of you are interested, we’ll be playing it this weekend during a charity gaming livestream, and we’d love to have more people watch and vote in chat. I’ll be the host! We’ll be playing it at 4PM ET on Sunday on this Twitch channel: Twitch.

Has anyone else been streaming the game on their own Twitch channel?