Rifftrax: Your Favorite Feature Films

What are your favorite Rifftrax feature releases? This could help folks who are new to Rifftrax find some fun stuff, or introduce Rifftrax veterans to titles they haven’t tried yet. Here, alphabetically, are my top ten.

  • Birdemic
  • Carnival of Souls
  • Dr. Who and the Daleks
  • House on Haunted Hill
  • Icebreaker
  • Psycho II
  • Sherlock Holmes: Dressed to Kill
  • The Amazing Mr. X
  • The Bermuda Triangle
  • Warriors of the Wasteland

Honorable mention to The Guy From Harlem, who so very nearly made the list.


I’ll go with “Zindy the Swamp Boy” based on it having the best ending of any movie I’ve ever seen!


Good idea!

  • #1 Missile to the Moon (the Fred Willard version)
  • #2 The Happening
  • #3 The Twilight Series (yeah I’m cheating, so… … … … “line?”)
  • #4 Buffalo Rider
  • #5 Samurai Cop Live
  • #6 A Talking Cat !?!
  • #7 Matrix Reloaded
  • #8 Fun in Balloon Land
  • #9 Future Force
  • #10 Day of the Animals (this one’s for all the “hotshots” out there)

Honorable Mentions: Sons of Hercules - Supersonic Man - Titanic - Attack of the Super Monsters - Lovely, But Deadly

Plus all things Janet & Cole… especially Ghost

And all things Bridget & Mary Jo… especially Sherlock Holmes: Dressed to Kill (which could easily be in my Top 10), She, and Vacation Days


In no particular order:

  • Rifftrax Live: Birdemic
  • Rifftrax Live: Jack the Giant Killer
  • Rifftrax Live: Miami Connection
  • Alien Outlaw
  • Attack from Space
  • Fun in Balloonland
  • Oblivion
  • Planet of Dinosaurs
  • Yor the Hunter from the Future
  • Star Games

Bonus: the entire Bridget & Mary Jo Teenagers series.




The Guy From Harlem definitely makes my top ten:

  1. Santa Claus and the Ice Cream Bunny
  2. Birdemic
  3. The Guy From Harlem
  4. Samurai Cop
  5. Starship Troopers
  6. Star Wars, uh… Episode 4 (though you really need to watch the prequels with Rifftrax first)
  7. ROTOR
  8. Jack The Giant Killer
  9. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
  10. Reefer Madness

Shout out to the Star Wars Holiday Special, which would have easily made top 5, but does not fit into the feature film category.


Ha, now I wonder if Fun in Balloon Land counts as a feature.

Lets see, it ran 53 minutes, according to Oscar’s rules that qualifies as a feature (shorts run 40 or under) AND I see it did play in 2 theaters in Davenport, Iowa… so -phew- I guess I can count it.


That this got a theatrical release astounds me, right up there with Mitchell. Not that there aren’t talented names in Mitchell, but rather that it feels just so “made for TV”.


I’ve mostly seen the ones that could be seen free on Amazon Prime so my list may be skewed by that. Starting with my top three and the rest in no particular order…

  • Birdemic
  • Guy From Harlem
  • Samurai Cop
  • Psychotronic Man
  • Carnival of Souls
  • Day of the Animals
  • Rollergator… not because it’s very good… just because you have to see it
  • Superargo and the Faceless Giants (neither faceless nor giants, discuss amongst yourselves)
  • Oblivion (it’s almost a good movie!)
  • Icebreaker (Bruuuuuuce!)
  • Rock N Roll Nightmare, mostly for the fight scene near the end
  • Attack of the Puppet People
  • Retro Puppet Master (oh hai Mark!)
  • Radical Jack

The only one I ever started but didn’t finish was Cool As Ice. No knock on the guys, but that movie was actually too awful to watch. And I got through Rollergator!


That’s in my “watch unriffed” pile, too.

Thirded. Although literally anything by Bridget & Mary Jo works for me. The short about “Mature Women” slays me. And Cat Women Of The Moon.

The live Santa Claus had me laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.


Just rewatched that one recently myself. It’s a peach! Love how they edited themselves in at the end, too. :heart:


Nice to see Bermuda Triangle on your list, it’s one of my favorites as well. I have a vague, half-disintegrated memory of seeing that in a theater when I was a kid.

The Guy From Harlem definitely makes my favorites list, along with the more recent Velvet Smooth – both cut from the same glorious cloth.

Other favorites are:

The Galaxy Invader
Death Promise
Attack of the Super Monsters
Laser Mission
Blood Theatre
Planet of Dinosaurs

And these are my picks for advanced users, those who’ve built up necessary antibodies from regular VODs to endure them:

Roller Gator
Birdemic / Julie & Jack / Replicant
A Talking Cat?!
Suburban Sasquatch


Freaked me out. Like, there’s this place you go in the world, and you just VANISH, man. AND NOBODY KNOWS WHY!!!

(I actually read a number of Charles Berlitz’ books.)

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Oo, there are a couple on your list I don’t have that look quite good. Thanks!

And I quite enjoy Laser Mission and Ghosthouse as well, they nearly made my top ten too.

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I put Cool as Ice in a subcategory with Battlefield Earth and Stone Cold and a few others … they’re SO over-the-top (“This is a double-elimination tournament.”) and campy that I love them despite everything working against them.

Which is pretty much everything. Literally everything works against those movies.


Some of my favorites, alphabetically:

Birdemic - Live
Death Promise
The Guy From Harlem
Kill and Kill Again
Miami Connection - Live
Reefer Madness - Live
Samurai Cop - Live
Sharknado - Live

Yeah, I like the live shows. Something about an audience just makes it better.

I wanted to include the MST3K Reunion since it’s the band back together, but it’s all clips, not a feature film. Oh, and Setting Up A Room, because it FEELS like a feature film disguised as a short.


I definitely agree.

My favorites:
Carnival of Souls
Miami Connection
Time Chasers
Sketchfest 2015 (sneaking in a non-feature-film just because it is SO good–sorry!)


Funny, I watched it again last night as well (I’m slowly revisiting their shorts catalog). That’s one of their funniest and I too love how they put themselves into the short.

They also put themselves into the High School USA poster :smiley:


I haven’t seen too many of them, but I did really dig Birdemic live, Alien Outlaw, and Tourist Trap.


I was unfamiliar with High School USA until RiffTrax released it, but then it was not much later that I heard Joel talk about how he turned it down. There’s always an MST connection …