Thanks - I had not yet noticed that and will poke around there now…

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Heh, I’ve got the Cinematic Titanic DVDs too. I also got The Film Crew digital-wise. (Think RiffTrax meets Charlie’s Angels. But only 4 episodes…)

I’ll readily watch a RiffTrax of a movie I like. I’ve watched Iron Man already and recently bought the JtJ for Poltergeist.


The Rifftrax crew has put ROTOR up on Youtube


This one really is a gem and you (yes you) should check it out. All hail the prophet Shoeboogie!


Mary Jo and Bridget is an immediate buy, I enjoy their style

Janet and Cole were funny too, but they haven’t done a full length release in years.

Matthew and Ian overstuff their trax, but the Veil and Warning From Space were winners IMHO.

Rifftrax proper was always a bit hit or miss, and lately mostly miss. They’ve just become flat and predictible for me. Not as sharp witted. It’s a crap shoot when I buy something - I felt like I wasted money with the painfully unfunny Maximum Revenge, and wasn’t impressed with Fungicide. I gave Gumby a go and that was fair to middling, which was actually a step up.

The last one I really, seriously enjoyed was “Lovely But Deadly”, which came out in March of last year. Before that I liked “Attack of the Super Monsters”

And there are Trax older than those, that I’ve enjoyed, so it’s not a total loss (A Talking Cat, Samurai Cop Live, Missle to the Moon with Fred Willard, Buffalo Rider, The Happening, Day of the Animals)

But as always, milage will vary (I remember enjoying Willy Wonka and the Chocolate with guest riffer Neil Patrick Harris, and that was mentioned as a baddie a few posts above)

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we watched it over the weekend and i can’t stop thinking about it. THAT ENDING!!!


I’m a Rifftrax fan. That said, I really miss the puppets. Everything I say after this is stuff we all know, I think, but since no one else has, I’m gonna say it anyway.

The thing about MST3K is, it’s not just the riffing. The riffing is the main thing, but there were people riffing before MST3K professionally (and we all do it personally, to varying degrees, no?).

Joel’s genius idea of making a framing story takes the riff idea and adds something genuinely new. Pace Roger Corman, MST3K always had something to say, and the “meta” story is a huge part of what makes it so fun—and by the way, tends to make it a lot less mean, provides a break from really hard-to-watch movies, and even gives a way to actually build on the movie’s universe—like who can forget the interviews with “Megaweapon”, “Steve Reeves”, “Michael Feinstein”, “Torgo’s Pizza”, etc.? All this makes the riffs better!

One of the cleverest moments in Starcrash is wedging in Paul & Storm’s Beach Boys parody to break up the long stretch of…nothing…but normally you don’t get the space to do elaborate stuff in the movie itself. And when you do (Hogoblins when Mike replaces himself and the bots with cardboard cutouts), it’s enhanced by the continuation in the framing area.

So many great bits on MST3K have virtually nothing to do with the movie! The Invention Exchanges, Timmy, “Patrick Swayze Christmas”, etc.

I am among those who buy basically everything Mary Jo and Bridget come out with, and I will be there tomorrow for Hobgoblins, but to MST3K fans, a lot of Rifftrax jokes are enhanced by the fact that we know Bill, Mike, Kevin, Mary Jo and Bridget (at least as stage personae). And it’s probably why the other riffs aren’t as popular.

There’s also the homemade and fundamentally goofy nature of the framing device that I think keeps everyone grounded: If you, yourself, are making a cheesy show (la-la-la), it maybe lends a humility to your attitude in riffing someone else’s cheesy show.

Think about it, won’t I?



It took me years to warm up to RiffTrax because I missed the whole package: the premise, the bots, the format, all of it. I love RT now, but you’re right … I don’t purchase or even pay attention to the Janet & Cole or Matthew & Ian riffs because I’m there strictly out of my love for the MST3K alums and desire to support them for all the joy they’ve given me over the years.

EDIT: But what did finally get me into RiffTrax? The 2016 MST3K Kickstarter. It’s the circle of life. Or whatever.


As far as Janet & Cole are concerned, I recently took the plunge and bought their riff of Dreamscape. I remember the movie from when it first came out on VHS in the UK, so there’s nostalgia involved, but the riffing’s very good.


Yeah Janet and Cole are sharp, their version of Cindy Goes to A Party is the best of the 3 I’ve heard do that short (MJ & Bridget, The Mads, both were fun, don’t get me wrong, but…) J&C hit on the type of material I love (the nods to Wes Anderson, Birdbox and more)

And I loooove the bots too, I like the mythology and characters and the rapport they have, but what I really, really like is laughing. And if you can make me laugh without Bots and Host Segments and such, I’ll gratefully take it, because I need it…

It’s like a spin on those old Calgon commercials - “My soul sucking job! That hateful diabetes! The flipping pandemic! Riff-people take me away!” :wink:


What a great observation, I totally agree with this. It’s occurred to me that you could cut all the riffing out of MST and you’d still have a fun show: following the odd domestic evolution of Dr. Forrester and Frank, then the antics of Pearl, Brain Guy and Bobo, then Kinga and Max, and of course the hosts and the bots!

I’m so glad we have both RiffTrax and MST. Sometimes I want to get right down to business with a RiffTrax, other times I want the warm familiarity of MST. It’s an embarrassment of riches.


Rifftrax Autumn Sale is underway right now.

15% off riffs no coupon code required!


I’ve been going through Bridget and MJs shorts, and just saw that I didn’t have Keeping Clean and Neat -maybe because it’s an MST classic already, but what the hey, there’s a sale, I like B&MJ, so I picked it up.

I also grabbed Stone Cold, starring former Seahawks bust, The Boz - and Terror in the Wax Museum, starring a bunch of old timers, who didn’t play for the Seahawks, like Ray Milland, Elsa Lanchester, Broderick Crawford, and John Carradine.

Hope I picked wisely.


Stone Cold is a decent pick. Compared to Radical Jack, it practically counts as highbrow cinema.


I’m enjoying Stone Cold, especially the Seahawks riffs… I was there, I remember the excitement when Seattle got him - we thought he’d help put the bite on Elway and stop Bo Jackson… phew, did that not turn out the way we hoped.

I just picked up one more, because of another thread where we are talking Trax (and MST3K) and Martial Arts. Kill or Be Killed. I enjoyed Kill and Kill Again, but never bought the other… until now.

If I watch those two, and then move on to Space Mutiny, I can have a James Ryan riff-a-palooza!


I picked up four features and a B&MJ short I had somehow missed (What Will Bernard Do). I watched Last Woman on Earth last night and enjoyed the heck out of it. I’d love for them to get all four riffers together again like that.

I hate to say it, but the core Rifftrax team are increasingly becoming the crappy house band of a club which otherwise books awesome acts. I blame the staff writers for a lot of that however, and do notice that I enjoy a film a lot more when Bill is one of the actual writers.

And thanks for the recommendation of Terror in the Wax Museum. I’m a sucker for a Ray Milland flick, so will probably grab that one too.


Watched my shiny new HD copy of R.O.T.O.R. last night. It makes the endless plot holes, 100% looped dialogue and Shoeboogie so much more … something.


Pfft. No doubt they *can’t’ make a living by fishing because of those onerous fish taxes :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:🥷


Another Rifftrax sale underway, this time on shiny discs!

Select physical media 40-60% off

Now if they’d just release Carnival Of Souls on vinyl…


[spit take] I’m pretty sure releasing that soundtrack on any medium would be in violation of a Geneva Convention.