Mike and Bridget need to do more riffs together. I’ve seen the ones for Next andCharade and they were both hilarious.


I think they also did an episode or two of Grey’s Anatomy.

It was the pilot. I can’t stand Grey’s but I presume they made it tolerable.

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The Most Dangerous Game was a good one too, when Bridget riffed with Mike and Kevin.


The combo of Bridget and Matthew J. Elliott together on the German Sherlock Holmes flick is a lot of fun, too.

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There’s a Bridget’s Picks sale: 25% off some Bridget and Mary Jo riffs

Anybody seen Lady Mobster? How’s it stack up to, say, some Mary Higgins Clark movies?


It’s Higgins-Clarkish, but I’d have to recommend the H-Cs before that one.

I mean, any B&MJ is worth watching, but there’s more to chew on with H-Cs.


My favorite part of the Lady Mobster riff was Mary Jo’s “And the winner is” recurring gag. That gag was spot on!

I definitely agree that the MHC’s are much more fun riff wise.


I knew Bridget was proud of Lady Mobster, she spoke about that as a guest of the Mads and I think, in a piece where she was interviewed by Bill (it also features one of her personal favorite riffs, the one about Henry Fonda), so I’m not surprised to see it make her list (though I agree, the MHC are better).

I was surprised to see Baby Jane, I found that one a lesser release from the two. It’s not bad, but not up there with their Sherlock Holmes… though it is worth watching if only for the skit at the end.

Maybe she felt that one needed a little more love, whereas Holmes gets plenty of love. Plus, it sounds like she had fun working on it.

WW84 was gold, good pick.

Edit- But at 25% off, yes, most certainly buy them!

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I love this one for the bad guy. Just piling on the ham and cheese and CHOWING THE HELL DOWN.


Thanks for the tip!

I picked up Lady Mobster based on Bridget’s rec. I have been on a Bridget and MJ kick with my Rifftrax Friends sub, so this was perfect timing.


Lady Mobster is my favorite B&MJ Riff. Decent story and production, okay dialogue and acting, and hilarious in a way that only B&MJ can do it.


One of my favorites! I especially like the scene where Mr. Villain is strutting his martial arts moves while showcasing potted plants.


Michael Nader (Adult Nicholas) was Dimitri on All My Children, and yes he was one of Erica Kane’s 10 husbands. Michael was also on Dynasty before that. So he alongside Heather Locklear, John Forsythe, and (shudder) Linda Evans etc., were Dynasty cast members who’ve gotten the riff treatment.

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Makes sense that this came out the same year as the worst movie in some other franchise about a Detroit cop.


The villain in Honor & Glory plays a good guy (and boyfriend of Rothrock’s character) in Undefeatable, which has a magnificent final fight. Note that both men were pre-oiled under their clothes before the fight started.


I remember that RoboCop series - The actress from Doctor Mordrid was in it.

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If you like Kevin, Mike and Bill, get your tix while they’re still avail - I can’t wait !

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