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Top Gun Maverick is now available.

Top Gun: Maverick | RiffTrax

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Yay, more Xenu jokes!
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So how long has the Rifftrax app officially been branded Rifftrax Sync, and is it to differentiate from any other recently released app?

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I don’t know, but it’s good rebranding, because I originally downloaded it (not having read the description properly) thinking I could watch RiffTrax and was disappointed to find out it only works to sync Just the Jokes riffs.

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I just noticed that last night. I assume it’s to differentiate from the RiffTrax app on Roku.

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So in essence to prevent what happened to Watts?

A new one from MK&B (image links to more info).



Just started watching the Paradise Motel, and I can see why they apologised in advance a couple of days ago. What in Torgo’s name IS this?


No green grass and pretty girls.

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This looks like a bad knock off of Psycho, which has never been a good idea, as Anne Heche and Vince Vaughn might admit.
Our leading lady, “Joan Crawford” is played by an actress calling herself Dawna Lee Helsing.
You may recognise her from uncredited roles in Blade Runner, Big trouble in Little China or Magnum PI, before finally hitting the final text crawl in such highbrow material as Boner, Fork you, Deadly Punkettes, Cocaine Cougar and (almost inevitably) the act of hatred towards humanity that is Samurai Cop 2. She looks like surgery had a nightmare.
Her co-star, Mel Novak, resembles the lovechild of Liberace and Jack Palance. The look is permanently “burnt WW2 fighter pilot’s startled O-face”.

Happy life Day! Another year of a torturous special made funny by rifftrax.

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Just looked at the filming locations for it on IMDB and it definitely does look like a movie that would film in Sylmar. Got the same look as certain types of modern films shot in the San Fernando Valley.

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The RiffTones (and heavy friends) have released an album for the Festive Season! Here’s the blurb: There’s just so much doggone JOY here!

  • An instrumental version of Mike’s beloved classic “(Let’s Have) A Patrick Swayze Christmas”;
  • Bill’s uplifting “Apocalypse Christmas”’
  • Kevin’s musings on what happened after The George Bailey family got bailed out by all their friends;
  • Internet sensations John Daker and Reva Cooper Unsicker return with a holiday gem;
  • A heartwarming four-part Holiday radio drama featuring Mike, Kevin Bill, Mary Jo Pehl and Bridget Nelson (warning: a moose is killed and eaten);
  • And so much more! In fact probably TOO MUCH, as Mike presents a dramatic reading of the film Santa’s Christmas Circus featuring Whizzo the Clown.

Paradise Motel is not to be missed if you’re one of those Riff fans that likes to see them plumb the bottom of the barrel.

I do not say this lightly, but The Room had more human-sounding dialogue than what gets said in this movie.


I’ll be in RiffTrax heaven this Christmas!

I watched this earlier and at the end of the movie thought to myself “what the hell just happened?” :slight_smile: