On the MST3K Twitch stream, yesterday’s schedule was almost entirely material that has rarely or never streamed before. There were Turkey Day edits of classic episodes, Oscar specials, “Poopie!” outtakes, and a ton of host segments from episodes for which we may never get streaming rights. It was a lot of fun. And to end that special day, the host scheduled perennial least-favorite Zindy the Swamp Boy.

I was typing frenetically in the chat room, and I actually took screen shots because I wanted to preserve my ramblings for posterity. Here they are, transcribed and lightly edited:

I can see how “Zindy the Swamp Boy” is a movie you might catch on cable TV as a seven-year-old child, and get really traumatized by, so you’re crying most of the evening, and your mom asks “What’s wrong?” and you just can’t explain it because the movie was SO SAD and yet there was something weird about it but if you took it seriously, it was SO SAD.

I mean, the words they say don’t correspond to the way their mouths move, and everybody seems kinda wooden and SO MANY scary things happen. It’s moving and then scary and then weird and then awkward and then weird again. It seems like something from another planet.

As a person in their thirties, you might go to therapy or something and then this weird, weird inexplicable movie you saw when you were very small comes up, because it was presented to you as a children’s story but it has one of the most grim plots of any movie you’ve ever seen. It’s like turning on “The Wonderful World of Disney” and what shows up is a Holocaust documentary.


Right there in the Return to Oz memorial hall of seriously messed-up movies we saw as kids, for sure.


From rifftrax Kickstarter update 7, all remaining backer stretch goals are now also dollar based! Need the karate kid riff unlocked!


I’m curious how this will work out. The highest number of backers a Rifftrax campaign has had, and the highest dollar about were from the 2016 Kickstarter (MST3K reunion year).

11,686 backers, $621,000.

But the 2024 campaign has a much higher average per backer, ($87, vs $53 in 2016).

If we get the same number of backers are last year (8152) at this year’s per backer average, that gets us to $709,000. That would earn us the 5 person riff.


I want to unlock the Mads are Back riffs because it brings us one step closer to a world where all of the MST3k alums live in a big house and get into crazy hijinks together.


I’m really excited about a 5-riffer movie. That’s something new and shiny and worth bumping a pledge for.

If the numbers get there and the stretch goals unlock, that $80 digital tier is going to be a serious value. Now I just need to crush this upcoming interview and get an offer ASAP. :rofl:


That’s really exciting for me too. I really hope we get that tier unlocked.


I’ll settle for the job, but the riff would be swell.


Rem Lezar straight into Amazing Bulk? Bring on the insanity!

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Bought it got 5% off from rifftrax patreon. Going to watch it later.

OK. Amazing Bulk lives up to its modifier. I went in expecting an Atlantic Rim-style mockbuster, but this is like an even-more-confused James Nguyen movie.


What’s the animation equivalent of Clipart? Not stock footage, but basic cartoon mini-clips. Whatever that word is, it describes The Amazing Bulk.

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Geocities - The Movie!


What a stupid, gross, genuinely offensive movie. The guys had no business making it so funny.

I watched the Amazing Bulk trailer that RT put out and was so very confused by all of it. Is the whole thing done in front of a green screen being run by toddlers?

On the KS front, there’s thirty hours left if you want to pledge!

Both of the Mads stretch goals are unlocked. Next up is a Mike and Bridget watch along and Q&A.

I’m still hoping for that 5-hand riff of a movie at $700K, and at $750K, we can get Kevin to jump out of a plane!



They’re going to try to tempt you with those as add-ons when it closes out and you finalize things.

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They can be added at the reward level I’m on. Yeah the lower tiers will get a list of add on options after the ks is over.