What is the most 4th of July Rifftrax movie and why is it Viva Knievel?


Somehow I missed this release


I can verify that Rock Rock Rock is a musical with a really flimsy plot between the songs.


I remember when Cinema Snob had a bunch of similar movies of that era for Musical March in September including one with Arch Hall Jr…


Even though the movie broke my brain, I remember it as one of Mike’s better solo efforts - might go, just to see how all 3 do with it.

Now watching the first three Captain Marvel chapters which I got for free, by combining the Independence Day deal with a leftover old Kickstarter coupon which I’d forgotten about for 20 years.

I’m just gonna’ say it: Captain Marvel’s pretty cute even if the series itself is ridiculous.


You mean, it’s NOT the one that Jamie Lee Curtis has publicly disowned?


Oh, WOW.

SO MANY familiar names in this one.

I hope there’s a riff in there about the former Governor who is not (repeat: NOT) Jesse Ventura.


Tavern cut (i.e. squares) pizza might be somewhat regional even within chains.

In Tennessee I worked at a Pizza Joint one summer. But it’s owners were from the midwest and made the “Muncie style” pizza. I had to adjust but came to love the thin crust “toppings to the edges” square cut slices.

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But was their slogan, “Gotta’ Be Muncie” ?


Just bumping this:

If you are going to be watching Point Break: Live in Minneapolis, I have reserved a large room for a pre-show dinner/meetup/drinks at Hell’s Kitchen from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Please tag me or DM me if you are coming and how many are in your party!

Hell’s Kitchen Menu


RiffTrax shipped all this to my house for a grand total of just under $25.

Thanks RiffTrax!


Picked up the Steamboat Willie riff along with a couple of Gumby shorts (that’s about as much Gumby as I can take in one sitting) and Ch 6 of Captain Marvel, with the birthday sale.

So those of you who use the synch app. How the heck does that work? I want to watch these on my big TV with my husband.

You start the app and pick your riff. Then you start the movie and push the start button in the app. The riff audio should start to play after a bit, automagically and in sync.

The sync app is for the “just the jokes” riffs, but those are all shorts. Are we talking about the same thing? There’s another Rifftrax app for playing vod. It may possible to cast your screen to the tv, but that would depend on your phone, not the app.

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So the birthday sale included a free download of the Just the Jokes of Star Wars. I’ve also got a few other Just the Jokes files from various KS rewards. I’ve never bothered to do anything with them because I want to watch the movies on our big TV on a screen I can see and with my husband (so using earbuds to hear the riff audio is a non-starter)

Reading the app description, it sounds like the riff audio plays through my phone speaker (not ideal for hearing it). that’s why I’m asking. If the riff audio could somehow be cast (I have a Chromecast so that’s not a problem) from the phone to the TV and the audio would play through the sound system that would be the bee’s knees.

What I do is download the Riffs and put the MP3s on a thumb drive. Then I run the DVD sound through the teevee and the riffs through the stereo. Then you adjust the volume as necessary.

If you’re going to use the app, you could also run that riff through a bluetooth speaker (if’n you have one).

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I run my phone through a blue tooth speaker when I use the RiffTrax app, it works pretty good once you sort out what the ideal volume is to mix it with the movie. It can be hard if the movie you’re watching has quiet talking and then big explosions, but it’s still easy enough to work out.

I loved their Star Wars episode IV riff, you should have fun with that.


This is what I do, and I put the Bluetooth speaker next to and slightly behind one shoulder. It sounds like the guys are sitting next to me and making smart remarks at the movie we’re all watching.