RiffTube -- riff on youtube


RiffTube is a website that lets you riff on youtube videos. It’s a labor of love that I created with the help of a friend. Currently you have to log in using a Google account; the interface is still a bit clunky. You can watch the movie and record audio clips which get stored in a database. Then, anyone (without needing to log in) can watch the video and hear the riffs too.

It hasn’t had many users yet, so it’s pretty untested. That said, I believe it is functioning at the moment.


A few more bits of info about RiffTube:

When you view a riffed video, the different riffers are listed underneath the video. By default you will hear all riffers, but you can mute and unmute a riffer by clicking on their name. The URL is updated to reflect which riffers are audible.

This could be useful especially if different riffers record overlapping riffs, and you don’t want to hear everyone at once. It could also be the case that two riffers record complimentary riffs, and you want to be sure to hear both.

Thanks to the folks who have tried it out. It’s been very encouraging to see a few people use it – and they’re funny, too!

Check out The List to see the videos that have been riffed so far.