Robert Reed Movie hinted for Comedy Channel Season Two slot?

Was just looking at the MST3K Satellite Newsletter from Summer 1990 (Vol. 2, No. 2) and the first article teases the movies that would air for season two on the Comedy Channel –

"… a white trash infested biker yarn, an aryan youth infested 1960s beach party romp, a Ceaser Romero infested jungle adventure, and, brace yourself for the worst, a made-for-TV movie, which may or may not be infested by Robert Reed.

The others are pretty easy to figure out - The Side Hackers, Catalina Caper, Lost Continent, but what could be the Robert Reed made-for-TV movie? Obviously it didn’t make it into the season, but it’s not Bloodlust!, as that wasn’t made-for-TV and didn’t make its way into the show for several seasons.

Any ideas? (I doubt Pray for the Wildcats, as they would have mentioned Shatner in their article.)


Scrubs Robert Reed’s IMDb page.

Mandrake? Maybe? The length would fit an MST movie and the concept is certainly riff worthy.

Maybe they had early plans to redo SST: Death Flight?


The latter movie sounds like Discount Airport.


They riffed it during the KTMA years. I’ve never seen that episode though.


Y’know, once I was past age 14 or so, I stopped giving a rat’s butt about The Brady Bunch. But I thought Robert Reed was good in SST. The character as written is a paper doll, but he gives it some real punch.

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That’s interesting info, and of the ‘almost eps’ that’s not one I’ve heard of before.

There’s several to choose from, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (which Rifftrax did), International Airport…

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And it’s not Bloodlust!

WTH, that’s a big tease! I mean, WTH? Jungles, beaches, romping? How many movies (or “movies”) did Robert Reed do, anyway?

This is messing with me, hard, but I’m not going to scour imdb.

Somebody else do it! This is too hard!

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I should have guessed! Somehow I completely forget Reed was in SST, but considering how often they dipped into those KTMA films in the early years of CC, it makes sense.

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OK, it probably wasn’t this one, but it was the first thing that came to my mind, because I remember feeling so sorry for Reed when this came out:

Robert Reed plays a family man, distinguished member of society and…obscene phone caller.


A lot of cool 1970’s TV stars in that one: in additon to Mr. Reed there is Michael Constantine from (and Emmy winner for) Room 222, Arlene Golonka from Mayberry R.F.D., Thayer David from Dark Shadows and Hope Lange from (and Emmy winner for) The Ghost and Mrs. Muir and The New Dick Van Dyke Show. And the always reliable and enjoyable Sylvia Sidney is in it too!

I wonder if that one might be worth looking into as riffing fodder. Maybe for Mary Jo & Bridget.

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None, but I gotta say, that’s a good find!

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Movie Jo Night featured a contender

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I think at the time Robert Reed was pushing against his Brady Bunch image. There was an episode of Medical Center (IIRC) where he played a man seeking gender reassignment surgery. Very edgy for the time.

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Mission accomplished!

Though actually, probably not. It’s nigh impossible to get out of an iconic role like that.

But in the early '70s I don’t think it was an iconic role yet. It was just a sugary sitcom that aired on Friday nights, and not yet an institution.
My younger sisters all watched it and I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t wait for The Odd Couple to come on. I think Reed was just trying to shake being associated with a bad, incompetently written role.

He did give in later on and took part in all the revival projects.

Oh, I hated it with a passion. Premise: “It’s sure hard to raise a big family with six kids!” Unspoken premise: “Especially when the kids are sociopaths!”

Eh, maybe? There were five albums and while it was canceled in '74, they were already trying to bring it back by '75.

In any case, however he felt about it, he was stuck with it.

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I watched it for Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

I was like, 9 or 10 when it first aired, she might have been my first crush


I saw it in reruns and was more a Jan man. (Eve Plumb went to my school though she was long graduated by the time I got there.)