Robot (Building and Puppeteering) Rollcall! (who's there tomorrow?)

Just a hiya and wanting to find out who else is in, going to be a great time I think. Lots to learn, get insight on and work with after. I hope folks post in Artsy Craftsy or wherever appropriate if they’re inspired.

Got my headgear. :wink:


Posting just because I want to lurk in this thread :eyes:


Same here. It’s too bad that I couldn’t afford either of the classes, though. It would’ve been so cool.

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I’ll be there. Looking forward to it!


I’ll be at work so I sadly probably won’t be able to watch live, but I’ll definitely watch and rewatch it many times!

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Great couple of hours, here’s a quick shot of some of the books I have on various Henson projects and a few on puppetry.

Other resources include the stan winston school, mike quinn’s secrets of puppetry, and figures in the fourth dimension as well as a referral to the most useful site, just look up ‘this to that’ :wink: