Robot co-op group


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check out robot co-op for fun riffing of video games. Twitch
We talk about the lates stream.


Robot Co-Op (previously Incognito Cinema Warriors) has done some of the best work in the genre. Well worth watching.

They’ve moved on to improv riffing video games on Twitch because there aren’t the existential legal and financial threats to independent projects that are baked into riffing film.

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Definitely not for kids, that’s for sure, but there’s some great stuff there. Hopefully I’ll get to watch more of their streams in the future as my Sunday evenings (UK time) are rather busy ATM.

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I followed you on Twitch and Youtube. I am eternally grateful for your video on Youtube that gives a peek at the advertising and revenue numbers. I am skeptical about my own ability to grind at such things. Your Youtube video is some realism and a kick in the seat that will prevent my own efforts from being a Requiem For a Dream-like total nightmare and keep it just at monetising leisure time for my mental health to get me back on business formation and job hunting.


Loved them until they started only doing shorts and then the streaming stuff, I understand the transition but it still sucks. They felt unique, now they’re just another let’s play machine.