Roku app

Finally got back home to my own apartment and got to install the Roku app. I have to say, that was a breeze. Really easy to set up and jump right in. And it’s faster and easier to browse than, say, the Rifftrax Roku app. I’m impressed. My only minor complaint so far is that I wish it was easier to find the latest videos and episodes on the front page instead of having to dig up the Gizmoplex Pass to get to them. Oh and I wish you could find it by searching the Roku listings for “MST3K” instead of having to spell out “Mystery Science Theater…” Otherwise, everything works perfectly. Great job!


I agree with everything you said.

Agree 100%. One (probably silly) question…I’m not very tech savvy. Will we be able to access the future new movies when the Gizoplex goes live to the general public next week, or will the MST3K app on Roku only have the Beta test/backers only content?

It will have everything.

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This is also an issue with the Chromecast. I suspect there is nothing the team can do about it as it’s the way the VXH site works.

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