Roku issues?

Hello friends. This may be a dumb question, but I can’t find a good answer. When I watch MST3K’s live friday events on Roku I don’t ever see a chat option or see anything “live” But then a day or so later I get a second “replay” which seems to include the live material. For example, the post show commentary etc. Am I missing something? Is there a way to join the “live show” on ROKU or is that only available online? thank you!


To clarify, you are missing the after show part of live events, or are you wanting to chat along with other viewers during a live event?

If it’s the first, it sounds like you are clicking the wrong thing for the live events. The episodes drop at midnight the day of an event so those who can’t watch the event live can still see the episode same day. Those early copies, do not have any of the aftershow/commentary kind of stuff. It’s just the episode.

I know with Chrome when I log in, there are two options in my Library, one that’s marked “Live” and one that isn’t. If you want to aftershow and such in the moment, you need to be clicking the “Live” version.


Hello! I often watch the live events on Roku. I access it by going to my library, scrolling down to my member pass, then clicking on the live event show. After the event is concluded, it shows up in the same place as a replay.

There isn’t a chat option on the Roku, so I come to the official thread here in the Forum. Does that help?


To answer the other part, the Roku stream doesn’t have a built-in chat feature. You do have the option to get connected to the chat on your phone or another device. There are usually QR codes available before the live stream starts to get your device connected.

If you’re looking to view the live event and chat on the same screen, you’ll want to use a computer and view the event through the Gizmoplex ( or the Gizmoplex Theater (

The dedicated live event forum topic is very lively and fills up just like the chat does, except it’s much more readable and had more features. Thanks for mentioning that, @wyswysia.


I thought about your question some more. Here’s what I currently see under my member pass:

When you go to watch the live event, do you select the one that looks like the left with the theater ticket or the one one the right with the episode title?

The live event showing will look like the left, and it’ll say LIVE in small print in the corner (starting about 20 minutes before show time), where it currently says UPCOMING. The one on the right is the “official” episode, no extras.

I hope that helps!


These are all INCREDIBLY HELPFUL tips. I think the issue is really a combination of things. 1) I didn’t at first realize that there were two options 2) We like to watch with captions (due to me spending way many times at concerts with no ear protection) and I don’t think the live option doesn’t seem to offer that but the “replay” does. So I think we have been doing “the official” version without realizing it. Also, we wanted to watch the chat. My wife I think laughs harder at the chat when we have watched them that way than at the actual riffs! With all this helpful advice I’m sure we can get ourselves sorted… thank you ALL!!