S08E12 - The incredibly strange...zombies deinterlacing issue

The 540p version of this episode has heavy deinterlacing throughout the entire video when you download it from the virtual theater or from the product page in “My Videos/ The Ultimate MST3K Digital Collection.” The 360p version does not appear to have these issues on the downloaded file. Interestingly, when you stream it from the virtual theater or from your product page, 540p is not a quality setting, but rather 480p, which makes me think this deinterlacing was caused by a bad conversion. Any chance this will be addressed / updated in the future @ivan ?


Just discovered the same deinterlacing issue on the downloaded 540p version of S08E10 giant spider invasion.

Is it a venture to guess that the videos came from the Shout Factory versions that were streaming for free the last few years that were all mostly 480p videos that have now gone through some sort of conversion for the gizmoplex site?

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