Saved movies disappear on Android app

So I saved the episodes to my phone through the app because I get terrible reception in my office. I was watching the manos tribute and part of the way through it the app told me that my session was expired and I had to re-login. When I got logged back in my synched movies were no longer in my offline library. Im curious if this is intended or a bug cause if it was intended that stinks a little bit.


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This is constantly happening to me as well. I’ll download 4-6 movies that I own through all the Kickstarters, they will stay on my phone for 2, maybe 3 days and then magically disappear. It seems like the Android app is treating them like rentals instead of movies I own and randomly purging them even though I haven’t viewed them.

From the #BroughtBackMST3K DELUXE Collection I currently have these showing up in my offline section (since I redownloaded then AGAIN last night) - Master Ninja II, The Killer Shrews, Hercules Unchained, Hercules and the Captive Women, Manos : Hands Of Fate and Magic Voyage of Sinbad.

My phone has 108GB out of 128GB currently used. It says the MST3K app is using 6.33GB of that 108GB total. I’ve added a screen shot for reference.

Can someone tell me where the downloaded movies are stored on Android? They don’t seem to be in the app folder itself.

I will report back in a few days when I go to watch the movies at work again only to find them inexplicably gone again…

To answer some base line questions that might be asked -
No, I do not run any sort of cleaner program on the phone. I manage everything manually.
Yes, I have kids but they can’t access my phone as it has a pin code they do not know.
No, I have no Wi-Fi at work so I can’t just watch them that way, that’s why I download the episodes in the first place.
Yes, I’m pretty handy with Android apps. I’m not a developer but I have a degree in Digital Media & Art. I can do slightly higher than basic troubleshooting. I’m the one that everyone in the family comes to with tech problems, yes, you know who that is.

Anyway, please help‽ I just want to watch some funnies on my limited downtime and not be disappointed every time I go and open the Android app.

As predicted, finally got some downtime tonight and when I opened up the app (this is just the first time since downloading them from my last post) - all the downloaded videos were gone. So frustrating. Guess no one even cares to address the issue?

I paid to own the digital copies of the videos. There is no reason they should keep disappearing after I download them. Fix the app!

Again here’s a screenshot after the app was opened tonight.

Edit : attached correct screenshot

I think part of the problem is the issue cannot be recreated by others.

Have you tried only downloading 1-2 episodes instead of 6? Do you have the same problem with files disappearing?

I suspect it has to be something with how your device is storing data, and you are getting close to your data cap, even though it may not seem like it. Operating systems eat a lot of memory when performing certain tasks, that could be why your files keep disappearing.

Dug this up from The GizPlex FAQ

Please note: The iOS and Android apps allow you to save all episodes for offline viewing and playback, but will not give you access to DRM-free copies that can be transferred and saved for future viewing. Episodes downloaded in the app can only be viewed in the app, and only for a limited period of time

So that could be what’s going on