Saving Livestreams for Playback

Continuing the discussion from #MakeMoreMST3K Weekly Update: July 26-30, 2021: Bot Building, and A NEW SUMMER LIVESTREAM SERIES!:

Okay, first off, an apology if this contravenes board rules and/or the company policy of MST3K. I do not want to run afoul of any legal or moral issue with this advice, and am happy to remove it if requested. Also, this advice is intended solely for PERSONAL VIEWING by people who have legal access to the livestreams in the first place. It is not for commercial use, nor for reposting the videos elsewhere without permission.

In order to save the streams, you will need to install the free (and very useful) open-source VLC video player on your PC or Mac computer. Then just follow this tutorial on how to save the video file to your local machine.

I find Method 2 works fine for me pretty much across the board. And because I suspect my ISP is throttling a lot of sites (but not the major video streaming providers), I actually get really fast download speeds with the direct link approach.

For livestreams that don’t produce an after-the-fact video, you may be able to use the following approach. I haven’t needed it yet, but it seems sound.

Let me know if you encounter any problems with this solution and I’ll be happy to help.

Keep saving (but not circulating) the streams!


Just tested it out on Astral Factor at YouTube, and it worked like a dream. I put it on a flash drive, and am watching it on the TV now.



Happy to help! And if you have a large collection of digital movies, a NAS might be a good addition if you don’t have one. I use a Synology DiskStation to stream video to my Xbox and music to my Bose. Handy for the multimedia household.


We use the same for our PLEX. Highly recommend.


“Not” circulating… riiiiight

winks aggressively


Thank you, I did not know VLC could do this. This is likely to come in handy, as Friday night is date night in our household. I don’t expect to see many of these live.


Can I ask a VLC user here for a test? Since Mary Jo is launching a new show on Twitch, I am curious if the VLC download feature works with streams on there as well. If you have a Twitch membership, can you try downloading this video with VLC?

If it works, then I’ll probably pick up a Twitch membership for myself as well. Thanks much!

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Wait, do you need a membership to view twitch?

Looking at it again, it doesn’t seem like you need a membership for Twitch itself. But I think you might need subscriptions to specific content providers. When I tried the link above I get the message “This video is only available to subscribers. Sub now to watch and support DumbIndustries.”. So if someone has the right subscription and can test VLC that would be great. If VLC works then I’ll likely subscribe as well.

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I’ll read up on it. I think there’s a notion of subscribing to specific channels, which has a cost. However, if you’re an Amazon prime subscriber, you get a free Twitch channel subscription because Amazon owns Twitch.

That sounds like I know a lot more than I do. Like I said, I’ll read up and share.


The free sub is only for a month. I don’t think you can keep re-upping with the same twitch streamer month after month with the freebie

This article explains it pretty well:

If you have twitch prime because you’re an Amazon prime subscriber, you get one free sub per month. It can be used on the same channel over and over, you just have to re-apply it each month.


Thanks for the investigative work. If subscriptions run by the month then I can buy a one for the VLC test.

The Mindless Summer video should be downloadable now. Usually after the stream ends there is a period where the video codec points to a playlist file rather that the video itself. This was the case last night after the stream ended. But typically this is eventually replaced by the video file itself, as it is now this morning.

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