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Hey hey everyone and everybody!
Not sure if anyone else here knows about, but every Sunday there’s a live stream of programming there put together by former MST3K writer and director Rob Schrab. This Sunday 06/05/22, Jonah Heston will be a guest on one of the shows “Real Life Sci-Fi”, at 10:15 EDT which coincidentally is shot on the stage of the Midnight Kids Studio, who handled the post production for the most recent Gizmoplex season.
We have a Discord for the live chat (linked on the main page of
Hope to see some other MSTies there (there are quite a few of us there already!)


You might recognize the Midnight Kids Studio from the livestream post show chat where Jonah was in a professional studio!

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Ah looks Jonah got sick so he’s not the guest tonight!

I watch this whenever I can remember it!

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They do a repeat twice on Mondays it’s listed in the Discord under #Announcements

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If I read that Jonah has been re-booked I’ll probably make a new post.