Screening Bunker Sorting Suggestion

In the Screening Bunker could you add a sorting feature that lets you order your purchased videos by episode number? Or have it default to episode number to make it is easier to purchase future episodes as they become available. Or make spots for all episodes but have them marked someway so people know this episode is available for purchase or this episode not available for sale at this time. That way it also acts like an episode guide but makes it easy for people to complete their collection.


Being able to quickly see what episodes you own and which are available but not yet owned would be very nice!


My immediate instinct was to look for an episode number sort order.
Date doesn’t put it in chronological order for some reason. Seems more like it’s related to DVD release order or something.


I think date currently refers to the date it was added to your personal library but I would prefer it to sort in order by episode release date.