Screening Bunker to Contain Full Catalog

A possible tweak to the Screening Bunker: have a filter that shows all eps and shorts, including ones not purchased. Then users could have the option of seeing just the purchased ones.

A possible visual cue to differentiate purchased/not purchased would be not purchased ones would have an empty cannister.

It may something similar is being planned for the Video Vault once that is available.

The main utility I am looking for is being able to see titles I might be interested in buying/renting, and would not have to rely on memory to specifically seek those out.


I agree with you. I bet they are planning something like that, because otherwise they are leaving money on the table. I would suggest dimming the associated image rather than putting an icon on there. People intuitively understand that the dim images represent something they don’t have. Well, I do, and if I do, it must be true of everyone…


I don’t have access the the Gizmoplex Beta yet but I do have one question. In the original Kickstarter I got the 86 classic episode collection. Can anyone tell me if this transfers over to my Gizmoplex experience or do I consider that Kickstarter reward a thing of the past, and I will have to buy episodes to watch them? Thank you.

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My understanding is that as long as you are using the same Kickstarter account (email) as your Gizmoplex account then yes, you will see your episodes once you’re roaming the halls of the theater.

Everything I have from both kickstarters (plus things I have bought from vhx) are all available. I should think your collection will be there.


Psst! Hey, gang, if this is a feature you are interested in the team pursuing, make sure to vote for it. (Don’t just like the OP. :slight_smile: )

I think that the plan is to make the Gizmoplex Vault/Store the place to see/buy what you don’t already have/own? I hope that they clearly highlight what we don’t already own, and make it easy for us to purchase any favorites we don’t already own.

The Viewing rooms/Bunkers are for content we already have… “My Videos”.