Search bar issues when looking up backer plaques

When I went to search for names of backers in the plaque room, the search bar was spotty. Sometimes when I’d move my cursor over it it wouldn’t be clickable, and instead the text cursor would highlight the “BETA” label in the corner of the screen. If I deselected the word “BETA” it would then allow me to use the search bar, but the problem came up every time I searched for someone new.

I am using the virtual theater on Firefox, which I know isn’t the optimized browser so that could be part of the problem. But so far everything else seems to look good :smiley:


I’m getting something similar with Chrome.

In Chrome, the text cursor only appears if you hover over the bottom half of the search bar. Clicking there will activate typing in the search bar.

The text cursor also appears if you hover over BETA. Clicking at that time doesn’t seem to do anything; however.


This is already discussed here:

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