Searching for episodes even more elusive than Denby

I’m looking for help tracking down the final few episodes missing from my collection. I currently have every episode from seasons 1 through 13 except, appropriately enough, these thirteen episodes:

Season 2
201 Rocketship X-M
213 Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster

Season 3
311 It Conquered the World

Season 4
516 Fire Maidens of Outer Space
518 Attack of the The Eye Creatures

Season 5
522 Teen-Age Crime Wave

Season 8
802 The Leech Woman
807 Terror from the Year 5000
809 I Was a Teenage Werewolf
815 Agent for H.A.R.M.

Season 9
901 The Projected Man
905 The Deadly Bees
906 The Space Children

If anyone has any of these episodes they would be interested in helping to circulate, please message me. I would be happy to reciprocate if I have any that aren’t commercially available that you are having trouble finding. If it isn’t on the list above, and isn’t a KTMA episode, I have it.

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I sure wish someone … somewhere … would host a private server digital copies of all the ‘banned’ episodes so we could all just download them and have them on tap. That’d be so nice. It would be the modern equivalent of circulating the tapes.


We have a support group, it meets at the bar! :beers:


The Projected Man was released in Shout box set Vol. 30 and Godzilla vs. Megalon was released in the hard-to-find Rhino box set Vol. 10 (because it was pulled from sale due to a licensing problem with Toho studios). Other episodes like Godilla vs. The Sea Monster and The Deadly Bees, will probably not see the light of day.

My… um… “circulated” disc of The Canadian Movie was skipping like crazy the other night. So it’s looking like I’m gonna have to replace it.

MOD HAT: As a friendly reminder, we ask that you don’t use the forums to provide any outside links to any MST3K episodes that aren’t commercially available.

This is the official stance on the matter of sharing such links, as per Lesley in another thread:

Given these forums are officially affiliated with MST3K, I’m coming down with a hard no (on the matter of allowing the practice of “circulating the tapes” via sharing outside links in the forums). We are continuously in the process of attempting to regain rights for these episodes, and if the folks who own them get wind of our allowing pirate copies to be traded on our forums, that would assuredly not do us any favors in trying to convince them we deserve to get those rights back.
Realistically, we know folks still trade files elsewhere, and we are not about to start tracking them down and demanding they stop! It just poses too many potential risks to allow it to happen here.
If you have linked to copies of episodes here, please remove your links asap. Thank you!


@TheSanguinePenguin I currently posses Volume XXXIII of the DVD collection, which includes Teenage Crime Wave and Agent for HARM. PM me if you want it.

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The following are available in Shout Factory collections.

Teen-Age Crime Wave: Volume XXXIII
The Leech Woman: Volume XXVIII
Agent for H.A.R.M.: Volume XXXIII
The Projected Man: Volume 30 (the forum software didn’t like the Roman numeral version)

All the others you’ve listed are currently in Licensing Hell, or at least Licensing Heck.


Thanks. That was helpful information. I have tried going through the various DVD collections out there to find these episodes, but they don’t make it easy to figure out which ones are in which collections. I overlooked these. I looked online, but couldn’t find volume XXVIII for sale anywhere, but I did find that The Leech Woman was for sale as part of the 25th Anniversary Edition DVD. So now I am down to just the final 9.

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That’s because the 25th Anniversary Edition is Volume XXVIII. That little detail slipped my mind when I wrote it up, so sorry about the confusion.

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I know where you can get all of them in full 8K and Dolby HR10+ sound, but I ain’t talkin’!

Never mind him, I know where you can find the elusive KTMA version of Star Force: Fugitive Alien 2! Sadly, guidelines prevent me from posting the short URL.

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I have managed to find all the episodes I was looking for except Terror From The Year 5000, which I have on order from a source that I hope will deliver soon. Thanks to everyone who provided me with pointers.


A reminder to everyone who has copies of the rare ones on media to rip those puppies and store them with multiple redundant backups. I’ve got “Hmm-zil-hm” versus “Meg-hmm-hmm” backed up to the yin-yang.


Funny, I just happened to stumble upon an old copy of “Hmm-zil-hm” versus “Meg-hmm-hmm” on a DVD-RW I had mixed in with a bunch of other DVD-RW media that had been sitting around from back in the days when DVD writers were something people used all the time.

I have absolutely zero recollection of where I chanced upon that rare gem or having recorded it to DVD. It must have happened many many years ago though. It just suddenly fell back into my lap right when I recently got serious about trying to complete my collection, which began decades ago with the old Rhino VHS tapes.