SEASON 13 BEGINS TONIGHT! This is your open thread for SANTO's premiere event!

HELLO FRIENDS! It all starts tonight, with the live premiere of SANTO IN THE TREASURE OF DRACULA. We have quite a show planned for you, and we are SO excited to get your feedback as we begin to explore this next phase of MST3K.

The event begins at 5pm PT / 8pm ET, only in – you know it – THE GIZMOPLEX.

We’re also trying something new. We’ve created a new category for LIVESTREAM Q&A with topic voting turned on. If you have a question for the post-show discussion, make a new post in this category with your question in the subject line, and your fellow MSD3K denizens can vote for the questions they’d most like to see asked too!

Use this thread however you wish to comment and confer during the show! (And in case something goes wrong, the Gizmoplex Help Desk is here to help.)



I love this! :smiley:

I’m very much looking forward to the post-show discussion to see what everyone has to say!


Little fun fact: Santo and the Treasure of Dracula was believed to be lost for decades, and the reason we have it now is that they also made an “adults only” version with a bunch of nudity added, and a copy of this version in amazingly good condition was eventually found.


My child has a thing tonight (ugh) and I might be a little late to the stream. Will I be able to watch from the beginning while the stream is still ongoing (i.e., view with a 15 minute delay)? KEEEEEDS


I was wondering same thing but also assuming we’d either have to join in-progress or wait till it ends in order to see it from the beginning. Does anybody know for sure?

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I don’t actually know, as this specific question has not been tested yet! I suspect you will have to join midstream, or watch the recording later, but I would be happy to be wrong.

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I know nothing to a certainty, but that’s how it works with the Shudder TV livestream feed.

Like, if you join in on The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs a tad late on the livestream debut and miss Joe Bob’s opening monologue, there’s no way to rewind or backtrack.

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Vampires and luchadores, what more could you ask for?!


And from what I’ve heard here and there, there IS more! :smiley:

Also, welcome aboard!

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Why are you people all talking about Santo when his name is clearly Samson?


Understood. I may just have to wait till tomorrow, then. Better to wait and not miss anything! Thank you!

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3 more hours :grin:


There is simultaneously not much time and too much time to go!


So excited! So ready!


Will there be some sort of video count down on the site to reassure us worrisome types that the video/audio is streaming as it should before showtime? I’d hate to be scrambling around here frantically just as the movie is starting trying to figure out why I don’t have a video signal after I have every thing (seemingly) set up correctly so far.


This would be ideal for the future if it isn’t in place already.

To go back to Shudder’s The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs, they have a thing where we go to a “feed” of Joe Bob’s trailer about an hour before showtime, and a helpful clock helps us keep track of how much time we have until the show goes live.

Such a feature would be invaluable here, if that’s at all possible.

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! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !




I am eating dinner now. I don’t want to be distracted by hunger when the premiere starts.

Also, I prefer not to eat while watching MST3K. While watching the Gumby short from “the Screaming Skull” episode, I made the mistake of eating pizza. I was laughing so hard that I spat out crumbs everywhere!


I’m gonna have to eat during the show, but I bought a bunch of cheesy snacks to go with the cheesy movie.

And some ‘Jelly Belly’ seltzer stuff that was on sale at the Dollar Tree, so that’s gonna be a surprise.

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You guys, this is going to be a barn burner.