Season 13 Digital Download access

Regarding today’s backer email, am I correct in assuming that even though there is a code that can be copied it is not really a code but a URL and there’s nothing that has to be activated? Message: To make everything easier to find, we have merged the SEASON 13 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD access into your Gizmoplex Member Pass.

Please make sure you have activated your Gizmoplex Member Pass using the unique reward code from this page.


That seems to be the case, but I can’t seem to figure out how the downloads actually work. :confused:


Having that same issue. I can access the videos, but not finding the download link.


Guess we’ll have wait until another week from this Friday to see if the first three really appear…

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Yup I was puzzled by that too. And still know sign of download link for me either.

Darn I came here thinking you Einsteins would be able to tell me how to do it. Guess I was wrong. Nice going Einsteins.

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First download is Santo, available for download on the 20th of the month. Same logins that allow you watch the replay should work for the download on that day. Or 21st depending on time zone for some :grin:

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Was hoping Season 13 could appear separately in my purchased library. Hoping that will still be the case someday.

So, its May 20th - 2 weeks after the May 6th streaming release of the first episode. I still don’t see a download link or any reference on how to download. I did the $100 backer thing for difital downloads, but there is no clear way on how to do it. (side note, not sure why we have to wait two weeks if we bought it already)

Have you activated your Gizmoplex pass?

You also need to check for an email sent on May 12 about new Digital Downloads and click the link in that email.

Once you do, go to the VHX site and you will see this:

Under the video playing the Santo episode. You can choose the resolution of the file you want to download from the dropdown menu.

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Are you using the VHX site (at ) ?

If so, try this:

  1. click on My Videos at the top of the banner.

  1. Scroll down to the “GIZMOPLEX MEMBER PASS” and click “View Product.”


  1. Scroll down to look for the Santo in the Treasure of Dracula title screen and select that.

  1. Beneath the video, you’ll want to look for “Video Downloads.” Click that, and you’ll have some download options!


(EDIT: what @LadyShelley said.)


I did activate my May 12th pass. I get to the screen that shows all the movies (and upcoming ones not availabl yet). But when I click on it, it takes me right to streaming. I do not see a download option. Nor can I “select” it, clicking on it takes me right to streaming page.

Yep, as I compare your screen to mine, the Video downloads and subtitle downloads does not appear for me.

Did you find the email from May 12?

Click the link in that email that takes you to your backer kit. You need to ‘activate’ the download feature before you can use it.

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The VHX site link seems to be the one - which actually leads to another link, which has the downloads. Thanks all. A little confusing though, I think it needs to be cleaned up a little.


All credit to @LadyShelley on that help there.

And welcome to the forums, @Rafterman - glad that’s all working for you, then!


Glad you got it sorted out.

@optiMSTie team effort! :slight_smile:


The links will be under the episode screen you have to use a computer to download there are several options from sd quality to hd. I have episode one and two now! I have not found the feature on the android phone browser yet.


First time trying to download an episode and I can get as far as the screens shown here, I can even see the different format options availble for download, but nothing downloads from there for me. Any suggestions?

Ooops. Never mind. It looks like it is working for me after all.

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